Cancellation of concerts & ticket refund

Dear Concert Visitors,

As a result of the decision made by the Hungarian government, all performances at the Liszt Museum have been cancelled until further notice.

Tickets purchased at the Liszt Museum will be refunded in the museum after reopening, until 31 December 2020.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded by Interticket Kft.

The ticket office of the Liszt Museum will also remain closed until further notice.

Tickets purchased not in our office may be redeemed at the place of purchase.

The concerts will be held at a later date.

Thank you for your understanding!

For further information please visit our website or our Facebook page. You can also reach us at





Maurizio Moretti's concert is cancelled!

Dear Visitors!

Maurizio Moretti's concert (March 11, 6 p.m.) is cancelled!

Thank you for your understanding!

Special edition of piano sonatas by Haydn in 10 volumes

Scores of trio sonatas and piano sonatas by Haydn, probably edited by Liszt, are now available on our website.

The collection, counting more than 1200 pages, had been put at our disposal by composer and pianist Istvan Horvath-Thomas, then digitized and analysed by our colleagues.

With kind permission of Istvan Horvath-Thomas and the Liszt Museum, the digitized material is freely usable, giving the source.

Commemorative plaque inaugured in Albano

In cooperation with Liszt museums and memorials worldwide, we are happy to announce that on 12th October 2019 a commemorative plaque was inaugured in Albano (Italy), where Liszt served as honorary canon from 1879. The initiative came from Maurizio D’Alessandro, clarinettist and artistic director of the Liszt festival in Albano, whose new book published on 30th November (Franz Liszt negli anni romani e nell’Albano dell’800) studies Liszt’s connections in Rome and becoming a canon in Albano.

One of Franz Liszt’s last letters in the collection of the Museum

The letter was purchased from a private collection by the Liszt Museum Foundation, with the generous support of the Péter Horváth Foundation (Péter Horváth-Stiftung). The master dictated it to August Göllerich in Weimar on June 16, 1886, the recipient pianist Berthold Kellermann. The addressing and the signature are Liszt’s own handwriting. After Kellermann’s concert, Liszt talked about his plans for the summer: he was going to stay in Bayreuth from July 23, attending the Wagner Festival, then travel to Kissingen for bath therapy, and have eye surgery in September. The letter is especially shocking if you know the exact date and circumstances of his death: only the trip to Bayreuth and the presence at two Wagner-operas of the festival came true…

Liszt Days 2019

Liszt Days 2019

For this year’s festival, the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum organized five excellent concerts to celebrate and commemorate the birthday of Liszt.

Maybe it comes down to the solemn occasion or the closeness to Liszt’s former apartment, but the artists - all of whom are sincerely devoted to Liszt - gave extraordinary performances and enchanted the audience. Every musician went on stage showing their exceptional talent: their technique and musical knowledge makes them worthy interpreters of the master, and the pieces were also performed in line with Liszt’s spirit and attitude, which only insiders can provide.

Almost all of the magnificent concerts had a secret inner musical pattern: they highlighted the musical connections between the compositions. This concept was also valid at the concerts, where the audience could listen to Liszt pieces, and also to some compositions by respected and beloved contemporaries. One of the highlights of the festival was the Piano Sonata in B minor by Liszt transcribed by Saint-Saëns for two pianos, rarely heard in concert. The audience was thankful for the extraordinary experience.

Concert program changes in December

We inform our visitors that we have changed the program of 2 concerts in December.

On 21 December István Gulyás pianist will give a concert and on 28 December there will be a chamber concert with Csongor Korossy-Khayll (violin) Domonkos Hartmann (cello) and Gergely Kovács (piano)

The piano recital of Gábor Farkas starts at 19:00 this evening

We inform our guests that the piano recital of Gábor Farkas (21 October 2019, Chamber hall of the museum) starts at 19:00, due to technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding!

Concerts to Commemorate Liszt's Birthday


Every October our Museum organizes a series of fabulous concerts to commemorate the birth of the great composer. This year the concerts will be on 18, 19 and 21 October. We encourage all Liszt admirers to celebrate with us. There will be five concerts featuring mainly Liszt's pieces along with a few works by Schubert and Chopin. Among the preformers are Balázs Szokolay, Balázs Fülei, István Lajkó, and Gábor Farkas pianists, Katalin Halmai singer, Dorota Andrewszka violinist, János Bálint flute artist and the Klavierduo Soós-Haag. Tickets can be purchased at the Museum or the Music Academy ticket office and online.


Opening Hours on Saturday October 19.

We inform our visitors that the Museum is open from 10 am till 6 pm on Saturday, Ocotber 19th. The ticket office will be open till 6:30 pm.

Liszt Festival in Italy

Thirty-third time this year, the Festival Liszt Albano will be held from October 12, 2019 to January 5, 2020 in Albano Laziale, Italy, sponsored by the Hungarian Embassy and the Balassi Institute, in addition to the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. In the organization of artistic director Maurizio D'Alessandro visitors of the festival can participate in musical programs as well as watching a play bringing the life and relationship of Robert and Clara Schumann to the stage, and the presentation of D’Alessandro’s book on Liszt's stay in Rome and Albano.

The Festival begins with the inauguration of a marble plate, gift of the Hungarian Academy of Rome and the Cesare De Sanctis Music Friends Association.

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Child activities during the concerts

Dear Guests with Family,
From 7 September 2019 the season of our Saturday matinée concerts at 11 a.m. start. We would like to help by offering a free child-care service during the concerts above the age of 3. If you would like to use this service, please look for our colleauge at the cash-desk of the museum. They will go to a classroom on the 2nd floor and play games and engage in different activities. Maximum 10 kids.

Ave Maria: Liszt Museum Foundation received unknown autograph album leaf by Liszt

At the beginning of November 1843, Franz Liszt visited Stuttgart as part of a tour in Central and Southern Germany. Besides several private occasions, he gave five public concerts in the city. Liszt’s first appearance was on 5 November, and his farewell performance (a benefit concert) in the Hoftheater on 21 November. This final concert was followed by a banquet in Hotel Marquardt where Liszt had been staying. He was of course the guest of honour and was awarded the Order of the king of Württemberg on the spot.

The programme of many Liszt concerts cannot be reconstructed. However, according to some descriptions Liszt had well-tried hits as part of his marvelous repertoire that he played at almost all concerts to take the audience by a storm. Such works include his Grand Galop Chromatique, two opera paraphrases (those on Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor and Mozart’s Don Giovanni) and the transcription of the overture to Rossini’s Guillaume Tell. Among the pieces frequently performed are also three Schubert songs. (Unfortunately, it cannot always be ascertained whether Liszt accompanied a singer at the concert or played the songs in his own piano arrangement completed in 1837–1838.) Apart from Liszt’s favourites Erlkönig and Ständchen, Ave Maria beared great emotional significance due to his love for Marie d’Agoult.

The autograph album leaf recently received by the Liszt Museum Foundation shows the harmonic and melodic outline of the first bars of this Ave Maria arrangement. Since it lacks dedication, the album leaf cannot be linked to a particular person but the date suggests that it may have been written in connection with Liszt’s last appearance in Stuttgart (programme unknown). Beneath the date – 21 Nov 1843 –, Liszt indicated the city in his specific spelling as „Stuttgard”. In the five-bar extract, Liszt kept the arrangement’s original tonality of B major, but changed the introduction to another one-bar series of chords.

The album leaf is a donation from the legacy of the Hungarian-born pianist Ágnes Radó, in the USA known as Agi Rado, who died on 22 February 2019. She was born in 1928 in Budapest, received her first music lessons from her mother and performed in public for the first time at the age of 11. She began her studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music with Ernő Szegedi and István Antal in 1945 taking private lessons from Leó Weiner and György Ferenczy as well. She made enormous efforts in making the works of her supporter Zoltán Kodály and those of Liszt more popular. She was deported to three concentration camps consecutively, and finally got back as the only survivor of the holocaust from her family. In 1956 she emigrated to the USA, where she became a teacher. From 1970 on she gave solo recitals and appeared at concerts with renowned orchestras regularly on four continents. Her name was engraved in Steinway’s 500,000th commemorative grand piano. She was honoured by the Hungarian Liszt Society and received American awards as well.

We owe special thanks to Barbara Johnson who was entrusted with the handling of Ágnes Radó’s will and taking special care in sending the album leaf as a present to the Liszt Museum. We are also very grateful for the help of the Embassy of Hungary in Washington in transporting the autograph document to Budapest.

Fanni Molnár

Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Liszt Museum will be

OPEN 9am-17pm on 17 August (Saturday)

CLOSED on 18 August (Sunday)

OPEN 10am-18pm on 19 August (Monday)

OPEN 9am-17pm on 20 August (Tuesday)  Free entry today!


New Wagner portrait in the property of our museum


Dr. Zsuzsanna Fekete has presented the Liszt Memorial Museum with a portrait of Wagner. The print dates from the 1930s; the author of the original pencil drawing remains unknown. We express our thanks for the offering!


Construction work in the building

This is to inform you that renovation is taking place on the first floor next to the Museum. We are sorry for the noise and all the inconvenience it may cause during your visit.

Thank you for your understanding.

Night of Museums at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

As in past years we offered our guests a variety of programs that attracted more than 650 visitors, a significant increase compared to last year. People were not only interested in seeing Liszt’s apartment with his furniture, instruments and personal belongings, the concert hall was packed during all our performances. One of our prominent events was the guided tour, held by Julia Fedoszov, who talked about Liszt’s instruments, followed by a unique performance that happens only once a year: László Borbély played a few Liszt pieces on the instruments. The visitors could hear the two Chickering concert pianos, the Bösendorfer-piano, the harmonium by Mason&Hamlin and the glass piano by Bachmann.

Our guest could test their classical music knowledge while listening to a presentation combined with a quiz conducted by the director of the museum, Zsuzsanna Domokos. There were also guided tours: Krisztina Halász showed the guests around the museum in Hungarian while Katalin Avar in English. Between the guided tours there were magnificent concerts and fanfare music was played by Tamás Kovács from the balcony.

We had three wonderful concerts: the first one a solo concert of a young and talented pianist Ádám Szokolay, who played pieces by Liszt, Debussy and Bartók and was greeted with standing ovation by the audience.

The second concert was a captivating performance of Liszt-compositions by the magnificent pianist professor and teacher at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, László Borbély.

The third concert was Gergely Bogányi pianist and Soma Balázs-Piri, the 16 year-old winner of the classical music competition Virtuózok. They brought a combination of solo and chamber music pieces.

The concerts were followed by a performance of the pianist-actress duo Valéria Somlai and Mara Kékkovács, who took us on an imaginary tour by reading and playing poems and songs about love. We heard excerpts from Liszt, Kosztolányi, García Lorca, Rachmaninoff, Shakespeare, Debussy, Goethe, Verlaine and Gershwin.

It was a truly exciting evening with elevating performances. Thank you for coming and participating in our programs. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Opening hours on 28 June - museum is open only from 12:00

Dear Guests, we would like to inform you that the Museum will be closed on Friday, June 28 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. because of the big number of groups. We cannot accept any more groups during these hours. We kindly ask single visitors to visit the museum after 12 p.m. Thank you for your understanding!

Chopin and the Hungarian

Frédéric Chopin exerted great influence on many Hungarian composers, not only on the famous and for some time Parisian colleague Franz Liszt, but also on such nowadays barely known musicians-composers as Károly Filtsch, Rafael Joseffy, István Heller, László Zimay or Károly Aggházy. In the limelight of their new CD, pianist Tamás Juhász and cembalist Antal Flach dug out music pieces inspired by Chopin’s style (even alluding to his specific works) or dedicated to his memory. At the presentation of the recording on June 17 at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Tamás Juhász played selected pieces, and Antal Flach shared many interesting details based on thorough research (these can be found in the booklet of the CD).

In the conversation preceding the concert – moderated by Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos, director of the Museum – the two artists, both graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, were introduced as actively researching in and presenting less played authors of Hungarian music history; their work has been awarded with a Quality Prize by their native city, Miskolc.

cembalist Antal Flach


pianist Tamás Juhász

Museum closed on June 9-10

The Museum is closed on June 9 and June 10. We are open on June 8 and will reopen on June 11.

Opening hours during the Night of the Museums

Night of the Museums - 22 June

Prices of the armbands: 1900 HUF (adult), 800 HUF (children under 18 years)

You can support the Liszt Museum by buying the armbands at our cash desk.


A new temporary exhibition - Franz Liszt in Austria

Museum closed on 1st May

The Museum will be closed on May 1.

Museum Open on National Holidays

The Museum will be open on national holidays (15 March, 20 August and 23 October)  9am to 5 pm.

Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be

CLOSED on 19 April (Friday)

OPEN on 20 April (Saturday) between 9:00-17:00

CLOSED on 21 April (Sunday)

CLOSED on 22 April (Monday)

CLOSED on 1 May (Wednesday)


Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be closed on the Hungarian national holiday: March 15th


Friday, 15 March - closed

Saturday 16 March - open

Sunday 17 March - closed

Touch Screen Moved to the Ground Floor in the Old Academy of Music

The touch screen workstation providing extra information about our temporary exhibitions has been moved to the ground floor in the building of the Old Academy of Music, next to the cloakroom. Visitors can check out the material of our previous exhibitions and read  more details in Hungarian and also in English.

We encourage you to try this application, test your knowledge with the quiz and hope that every age group visiting the Museum will find something interesting.

Have fun and enjoy our touch screen!

Changed opening hours

Dear Visitors,

Our Museum will be closed at 5:00 pm tomorrow (20th February) for the visit of a large tourist group.

Thank you for your understanding.

Change in the Program of Saturday Matinée

We inform our visitors that due to illness of our original performer the Matinée concert on 2 February will feature Fülöp Ránk (piano). His program is Liszt: Etudes d’exécution transcendante

Reiner Grunwald's Exhibition Opens at the Music Academy

An exhibition with paintings depicting Liszt was inaugurated in the Atrium of the main building of the Liszt Academy of Music on 5 January. Reiner Grunwald, the Bavarian painter in cooperation with the Liszt Society of Schillingsfürst has been working on the portrayal of Liszt, his family and some of his friends. The painter uses aquarelle and acrylic techniques. Schillingsfürst, with the support of Prince Constantin Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst puts a great effort in taking care of the Liszt heritage. For instance they organize a week-long masterclass and festival in honor of Liszt every summer. Cardinal Gustave Hohenlohe who lived in the castle in the 19th century hosted Liszt several times at the beginning of the 1870s. The composer’s room serves today as a memorial room open to visitors. A Liszt statue was erected in the garden of the castle in 1884 during the composer’s lifetime.

The exhibition is the 2019 opening event of the series of international meetings of the Liszt Museums. On the opening ceremony Prince Schillingsfürst talked about the family ties between Liszt and the Hohenlohe family and the importance of Schillingsfürst; Hans Emmert, the main organizer of the local Liszt Society introduced the artist, presented his works and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to exhibit the paintings in one of the most beautiful buildings of Budapest. Zsuzsanna Domokos, director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and organizer of the exhibition recalled how the idea of the program was born and thanked the President and Vice President of the Academy of Music for their support of the international cooperation of the Liszt Museums from the very start. After the opening speeches Reiner Grunwald, the artist talked shortly about his works. Manfred Fuchs, the president of the Liszt Society in Raiding, and his wife also attended the event giving emphasis to the expansion of the international relationships between the Liszt Museums. The Academy of Music was represented by Dr. Andrea Vigh, President of the Academy of Music, Gyula Fekete, Vice President of Academic and International Affairs, several professors and colleagues of the University. The exhibition is open to the public till the end of February 2019 in the Atrium of the Academy of Music.

Professor Kenneth Hamilton visited the Museum

Kenneth Hamilton, Head of School of Music, Dean (International) for College of Arts at Cardiff University and his wife, Monika Hennemann (also teacher at Cardiff University) visited the Museum on the 21st of December. The Scottish pianist and musicologist held a masterclass at the Academy of Music about romantic pianism and performance. The Hungarian edition of his book entitled After the Golden Age appeared during his visit. Professor Hamilton was very pleased to revisit the Liszt Memorial Museum, where he was honored to play on the Liszt pianos. We hope to welcome Mr. Hamilton in the near future again.

An exhibition „From Paris to Bologna, travelling with Liszt and Rossini” was inaugurated in Bologna

An exhibition “From Paris to Bologna, travelling with Liszt and Rossini” was inaugurated on the 12th of December in Bologna and will be open till the end of January. One of the curators of the exhibition was Rossana Dalmonte, the founder and director of the Fondazione Istituto Liszt. Ms. Dalmonte was the co-curator of the 2017 temporary exhibition in Budapest. Below is the poster of the exhibition for all Liszt fans planning to travel to Bologna.

Happy New Year!

Dear Visitors,

We wish you a very Happy 2019 with a lot of Music! We welcome our past and future guests in the museum and on the concerts this year as well.

Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be open as follows:

24-26 December    CLOSED

27-29 December    OPEN

30 December - 1 January    CLOSED


International Meeting of Liszt Memorial Houses and Festivals in France

Our director, Zsuzsanna Domokos represented the Museum on 26-27 October at the Festival of Lisztomanias of Chateauroux, France. Part of the one-week event was an international meeting of Liszt museums and festivals venues.

The most prestigious representatives from the host’s side were François-Roger Cazala festival director, Nicolas Dufetel Liszt scholar, Alain Rechner president of Lisztomanias International, Michèle Naturel director of the Bertrand Museum Chateauroux, Jean-Yves Clément the art director of the festival, Gil Avérous the mayor of the city, Jean-Yves Ugon and Jean-Yves Cousin.

The meeting was a follow-up of the event initiated and launched by the Hungarians in September 2016 – with the aim to establish future multilateral cooperation amongst the institutions and memorial sites related to Franz Liszt. The most recent program was the second Liszt Festival and the international meeting of the Liszt Museums organized in July 2018 in the town of Schillingsfürst, where colleagues from Raiding, Weimar and Bayreuth were also among the guests.

On this occasion in Chateauroux Raiding was represented by Dr. Martin Czernin Liszt scholar, head of department at the Landesmuseum Eisenstadt and Manfred Fux, president of the Raiding Liszt Society. Schillingsfürst was represented by Fürst Constantin Hohenlohe zu Schillingsfürst and Hans Emmert and Bologna by Prof. Rossana Dalmonte head of a Fondazione Istituto Franz Liszt. Also among the guests were Maurizio d’Alessandro, founder and director of the Albano Liszt Festival and Federico Paci the art director of the Grottammare Festival. The Utrecht Liszt Festival was represented by Rob Hilberink. On 26 October the guests introduced the institution they represent, with a slide show and on the next day the French hosts organized a panel discussion. They agreed to support the setting up of a European Cultural Liszt Tour. If the tour sets off, the memorial places will organize all kinds of Liszt related events that will enhance international ties between the houses and festival venues.

The Liszt Museum’s next important event is on 5 January 2019 when an exhibition of the works of Reiner Grunwald from Schillingsfürst will open in the main building of the Liszt Academy. Among the guests will be not only the colleagues from Schillingsfürst, but from Raiding as well. The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum will open its next temporary exhibition Liszt in Austria in May in cooperation with Dr. Martin Czernin. Representatives of Schillingsfürst and Nicolas Dufetel from France are planning to attend the opening ceremony. In fall 2019 Raiding will host an international conference along with the tableau version of the periodic exhibition from 2014 entitled Liszt’s ideas on Fine Arts. We hope to continue our cooperation.



Festival Celebrating the Composer's Birthday

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum commemorated Liszt’s birthday (22 October 1811) with a 2-day series of concerts. On the evening of 19 October Fülöp Ránki gave a concert and on the 20th there were 3 concerts: Péter Kiss opened with the matinée, Csaba Király and Jutta Bokor in the afternoon and the evening recital by László Borbély gave a perfect ending to the event. The whole program was dedicated to Liszt and his wonderful music.

The opening speech was given by Dr. Andrea Vigh, president of the Liszt Academy. The solo piano concert of Fülöp Ránki consisted of Liszt compositions of the Weimar era: the Grosses Konzertsolo for example, a rarely played piece written around 1849-50, the Hungarian Rhapsody No 5 in e minor first published in 1852. The highlight of the concert was Liszt’s masterpiece (also composed in 1852-53) the Sonata in B minor with an emotional and at the same time dramatic performance by the young pianist Fülöp Ránki.

The morning concert was also put together with extra care. Péter Kiss chose a few compositions from the collection of the recently acquired Liszt manuscripts. He played Hymne de l'enfant à son réveil and Romance oubliée. On 22 October Hungarian television aired a one-hour documentary about the extremely precious manuscripts the Liszt Museum bought last year. Péter Kiss also appears in the documentary playing excerpts from the Liszt pieces of the manuscripts. Three relevant and beautiful compositions gave the pillar of the program: Sposalizio, the Second Legend in E minor and the Ballade in B minor. The richness of the sound and his musical technique ravished the audience.

Saturday afternoon’s program was a combination of solo piano pieces and songs by Franz Liszt. Csaba Király, pianist (president of the Liszt Society) and his partner Jutta Bokor (mezzo soprano) performed (Es muss ein Wunderbares sein, Vergiftet sind meine Lieder, Freudvoll und leidvoll, Ave Maria, Go not happy day, Ave maris stella). The combination of powerful piano solos and emotional melodies emerged into a beautiful concert.

The closing event of the festival was a breathtaking solo piano concert by László Borbély. He played a selection of late works by Liszt, among them: Schlaflos! Frage und Antwort, Bagatelle sans tonalité, Csárdás, Csárdás obstinée, Wiegenlied, Sursum corda. The title of the program was Songs of Sorrow and Consolation and gave a perfect reflection of the ageing composer’ sadness and struggle with his own faith. László Borbély gave an excellent performance of a perfectly balanced program that opened new horizons for the audience. All those who listened closely got a little bit closer to understanding the final years of Liszt.

Opening hours during holidays

The opening hours during the holidays are as follows:

1 November  closed

2 November closed

3 November open

Liszt Anniversary Concerts 2018

Changed opening hours

We inform our guests that the Liszt Memorial Museum will be opened on the next weekends as follows:

19th October (Friday): 10:00-19:00

20th October (Saturday): 9:00-17:00

21st October (Sunday): Closed

22nd October (Monday): 10:00-18:00

23rd October (Tuesday): Closed

1stNovember (Thursday): Closed

2nd November (Friday): Closed

3rd November (Saturday): 9:00-17:00

4th November (Sunday): Closed

10th October changed opening hours

We inform our visitors that on the next Wednesday, the 10th of October our Museum will be opened for technical reasons only at 12 a.m. Closing time wont be changed, so we will wait for our guests until 6 p.m. like usual.

The Liszt Festival in Albano ranged as a prestigious program in Italy’s cultural life

The Liszt Festival held in Albano became part of the most representative cultural events in Italy. The detailed program of the festival please, find below on the poster:

Autumn Programs in Raiding

We are continuing our cooperation with Liszthaus Raiding. Please find below the information about their permanent exhibition and concert program for 2018.

New treasures in our collection thanks to our sponsors

We are pleased to inform you that this year several supports and offerings help our work in the museum. We had the opportunity to republish the English version of the book based on the posters about Liszt’s works. This edition, one of the most popular books amongst our international visitors, could be published due to the benefit of our permanent sponsor, Professor Dr Péter Horváth. This week we have received a donation from Professor Dr Tibor Szász as well. Piano artist Ildikó Zsuzsánna Sőrés has offered to us a music score found before in an antique bookstore, which was part of the Liszt legacy. Thanks to this donation the music score could be returned to its original place, our museum. In addition, an original Liszt manuscript fragment’s reception is still in progress, a generous gift from the Hungarian pianist, Ágnes Radó who lives in the USA.

New treasures in our collection

Our museum’s collection has been enriched with new treasures. The photos and letters purchased from the pianist and art dealer Gergő Zsolt Sári are very valuable such as photographs representing Richard Wagner or an autograph letter of Liszt’s student, István Thomán with his handwritten signature.

Opening hours on Saturday 25 August

On Saturday 25 August the Museum will close at 4 pm.

The popular Liszt book again in the museum shop

We are happy to inform you that the popular book about Franz Liszt designed by Bausz Studió with a lot of beautiful illustrations is available again in our museum shop.

The second Liszt Festival in Schillingsfürst 2018

The second Liszt Festival and the international meeting of the Liszt Museums was organized in Schillingsfürst between 7 and 14 of July 2018. This event follows the initiative launched in September 2016 – with the aim to establish future multilateral cooperation amongst the institutions by personal meetings – when Budapest welcomed representatives of partner museums and memorial sites related to Franz Liszt.

This year, for the first time Bayreuth was represented as well along with the other Liszt Museums: Schillingsfürst by Constantin Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst and Hans Emmert; Weimar by Dr. Evelyn Liepsch; Raiding by Dr. Martin Czernin and Manfred Fux; Bayreuth by Dr. Friedrich Sven and Budapest by Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos. The participants had the opportunity to extend the cooperation by elaborating on particular topics. The first step might be to launch a common website in German, English and Hungarian which could serve as the basis of future scientific cooperation. Participants came up with excellent ideas about how each intitution could introduce the partner museum and the plan of a Liszt touristic trail was discussed as well. Special events like this festival will be given a higher international status due to the presence and assistance of other museums’ representatives.

The symposium held on the first day was a new event within the festival programme and was dedicated to finding the best tools and methods of bringing classical music closer to members of the younger generations and to refine their musical taste. The lecturers were the following: Dr. Albert von Massow, new head of the Liszt Society in Weimar, director Ruth Reuter, Florian Glemser from the neighboring Dinkelsbühl and Dávid Spischak representing the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum in Budapest. The festival’s main presentation was held by Nike Wagner about the relationship of Liszt and Wagner on 11 July in the concert hall of Schillingsfürst Palace. Florian Glemser gave the opening concert performing Beethoven, Liszt and Brahms pieces. On the following evening a wonderful Bach-Liszt organ concert was given by Michael Schöch in the local protestant church. As a tradition, from Monday till Friday Leslie Howard held a masterclass for international students who pleased the public with a beautiful closing concert.

The gala dinner was dedicated to the favorite Italian dishes of the Hungarian composer. The hosts of the event, Constantin Fürst zu Hohenlohe Schillingsfürst and Prof. Rolf-Dieter Arens expressed their gratitude to Hans Emmert by presenting a Liszt plaque for his persistant hard work of organizing the festival and for coordinating the publication of a beautiful printed magazine about the programme of last year's Liszt Festival.

Night of the Museums

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center took part in the Night of the Museums cultural programme series this year as well. On 23rd of June our guests – all together 555 visitors, mainly Hungarians – could participate in various special activities. One of our most popular programmes was the guided tour accompained by mini concerts performed on the exhibited original instruments by the Hungarian pianist and professor of the Academy of Music, István Gulyás.

Before the concerts the audience could listen to fanfare music coming from the balcony of the Old Music Academy. The first concert was given by students of the School of Exceptional Talents of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, then János Palojtay, a very talented young pianist went on stage. A wonderful chamber concert with: Erzsébet Hutás violin and Andrea Fernandes piano was followed by the In Medias Brass quintett’s performance which gave a perfect ending to the evening.

We were really happy to welcome so many Hungarian and international visitors, amongst others the Portuguese Ambassador, Maria José Morais Pires and her husband, Manuel Fernandes Pereira. On this special Saturday night our guests could take a look at our temporary exhibition inaugurated in May entitled „Please, do not send me any more scores!”. We really hope that this programme could promote Liszt’s intellectual and musical heritage in Hungary and worldwide as well.

New article about our temporary exhibition by The Budapest Times

New article has been published recently on the website of The Budapest Times about the current temporary exhibition of the Liszt Museum titled "Please Do Not Send Me Any More Scores" - The Most Beautifully Decorated Scores of Liszt’s Private Collection.

The article is available here:

Shorter opening hours

Our Museum closes today at 1 p.m. and will be opened at usual time on Monday, 9th of July. Thank you for your understanding.

Opening hours during the Night of the Museums

Night of the Museums

23 diplomatic spouses at the Liszt Museum

At the end of March VIP guests visited again our museum. On that occasion diplomatic spouses were our guests. The program realised in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina in Budapest was attended by 23 female diplomats representing almost all regions of the world. Cecilia Scalisi, Musicologist and wife of the Argentine Embassador, responsible for cultural and social activities of the organization DSB (Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest) in cooperation with the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center organized the visit of the diplomatic spouses. The program consisted in 3 parts: the first was the presentation about the relationship between Ferenc Liszt and Hungary given by the director of the museum, Zsuzsanna Domokos; the following part was the piano concert performed by László Váradi, student of the Keyboard and Harp Department of the Music Academy; as the final act of the event Patricia Keszler, Communication Officer of the museum offered a guided tour for the visitors emphasizing the personality of the Hungarian composer. The VIP visitors as a special gift had the opportunity to see for some minutes the recently disclosed Liszt manuscripts as part of the varied program.

Opening times during Easter Holidays

The Liszt Museum will be closed on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2018!


Our museum and research center organized a special conference on 14 March in the Chamber Hall of the Old Music Academy about the newly disclosed Liszt manuscripts. On this special event seven musicologists presented their lectures about the background and origin of these invaluable documents. The conference was also an excellent oppurtinity for the Research Center of the Museum to present itself as the home of common thoughts and ideas. The researcher colleagues of the Liszt Research Center have already given presentations in 2015 on the conference dedicated to the bicentenary of the birth of Mihály Mosonyi. One of our most important goals as a research center is to collect the individual works of our musicologist colleagues and be recognised in Hungary and worldwide for our results as a team.

The scores previously thought to be lost were originally published by the Táborszky and Parsch Company and when Kálmán Nádor purchased the Táborszky music shop in 1895, the manuscripts became his property. The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music purchased these manuscripts thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Human Capacities. All seven manuscripts have some connections to Hungary and their historical significance is inestimable. The autographs are handwritten versions of already known and published works, and now that they are available studies will continue. The main aspect of the research is how existing viewpoints about these works will change following further studies conducted on the newly discovered manuscripts. Almost all the newly found compositions can be tied to Hungary as they are connected to Hungarian themes or Hungarian poetry. This manuscript collection opens new perspectives and gives a chance for researchers and musicologists all over the world to form an even better understanding of Liszt’s works.


The complete text of the lectures will soon be uploaded to the Liszt Museum’s Hungarian website and we are also planning to publish an album with facsimiles of the manuscipts along with the English versions of the lectures.



Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum is among the winners of the 2018 Experts' Choice Awardfrom TripExpert.

Based on 1M+ reviews from 85 different publications, the award is bestowed on only the most outstanding attractions. Unlike other awards, Experts' Choice is unique in that it takes into account only expert reviews from travel guides, magazines, newspapers and other respected sources. With positive reviews from reviewers like Lonely Planet, Frommer's and Michelin Guide, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum is one of the highest ranking attractions in Budapest on TripExpert. Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum has also received TripExpert's Best of Budapest award. The company is based in New York City.

Opening times during the holidays

The Liszt Museum will be closed on the 15th and 16th of March!



Our Museum celebrated a special event on 10 March 2018: for the first time we exhibited the manuscripts of Liszt previously tought lost in the Chamber Hall of the Old Academy of Music for the audience and the representatives of the press. The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music purchased the manuscripts thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Human Capacities. The works were originally published by Táborszky and Parsch Company and when Kálmán Nádor purchased the Táborszky music shop in 1895, the manuscripts were part of the collection. The seven different Liszt manuscripts are closely related to Hungary, their historical significance and impact on Hungarian music is invaluable.

Our event in honor of Sándor Petőfi and the Hungarian Revolution and Independence War in 1848/49 has a special historical significance in the Hungarian music culture as these hungaricums were exhibited for the first time. The ceremony began with the opening speech of the President of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music who emphasized that the documents preserve the handwriting of the founder and first president of our institution and thus represents an enormous value. The second speech was given by the Deputy State Secretary responsible for cultural relations and developments of the Ministry of Human Capacities. She welcomed the purchase of these valuable documents and expressed content that they have become part of a public collection due to the non-repayable grant offered by the National Cultural Fund. The last speaker was Zsuzsanna Domokos, the director of our museum and research centre who gave a short summary of the historical background and Hungarian relevance of the manuscripts for the audience.

The handwritten version for song and orgue of the composition A Magyarok Istene (God of Hungarians) is a rarity because Liszt wrote the poem by Petőfi into the score in Hungarian for the first time in his life. The next manuscript presented was Mosonyi’s Grabgeleit (Funeral procession) composed by Liszt for piano to commemorate one of his best Hungarian friends who died unexpectedly. The third and fourth manuscripts exhibited were the compositions written for piano with the title Petőfi szellemének (In Petőfi’s memory) and the Magyar Királydal (Hungarian King’s Song) composed originally for the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Royal Opera House. The fifth in the row was the choral work A gyermek himnusza ébredéskor (Hymn of the Awakening Child) with the corrections made by Liszt and in the last case Elfelejtett Románc (The forgotten romance) and the Puszta keserve (Longing for the Puszta), compositions that are not directly related to Hungary but are nonetheless very valuable from the perspective of the worldwide Liszt research.

In the second part of the event the audience could listen to a concert given in the honor of the Hungarian Revolution and Independence War in 1848/49. The program contained works related to Hungary written by Liszt and other composers like Ödön Mihalovich, Ferenc Erkel, Jenő Hubay and Máté Hollós and were performed by teachers and guest artists of the Music Academy. The following performers participated in the concert: Emese Virág, Andrea Meláth, Ingrid Kertesi, Szilvia Vörös, László Kiss Gy., Károly Mécs and Jenő Jandó.

The media was highly represented in the Chamber Hall of the Old Music Academy, a lot of Hungarian and international journalists and photographers covered the event. This prestigious commemoration was followed by a conference organised about the Liszt manuscripts for experts and the public on 14 March in the same building with the presentations by the musicologists of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center.

Francophone Festival 2018

Our matinée concerts on the 3rd and 10th of March of 2018 will be held as part of the Francophone Festival organized by the Institut Francais in Budapest and in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Hungary. Our visitors are very welcome to these events as usual.

Opening hours

The Museum is closed on 31 December and 1 January.

New Ticket Rates in 2018

We will have new ticket rates starting 1 January 2018. There will be no photo or video tickets and your entrance ticket will include the option of taking photos (without flash!).

New ticket prices in 2018

Entrance to Museum or Matinée concert                             2000 HUF

Reduced rate (student or senior EU citizens)                       1000 HUF

Combined ticket (Museum and concert entry)                     3000 HUF

Combined ticket reduced rate (except groups)                    1500 HUF


Opening hours during holidays

Opening hours during holidays

December 23. OPEN 9am till 2 pm

December 24, 25, 26 CLOSED

December 27,28,29,30 OPEN

December 31 and January 1 CLOSED

The Museum will be closed on Wednesday 1 November

The Museum will be closed on Wednesday 1 November!


Opening hours on Liszt day

On 21 October the Museum will be open from 9 am till 5 pm. The evening concert of Jenő Jandó is sold out.

General description in spanish

We are pleased to inform you that from October 2017 you have the opportunity to read the printed general description about our museum and research center also in Spanish. At the same time our guided tours - already available in English, German, French, Italian and Russian - will be offered in Spanish as well from the middle of October.

Estimados visitantes: nos alegramos de avisarles a ustedes de que la descripción general sobre nuestro museo y centro de investigación ya está disponible en espanol. Al mismo tiempo nos complace en comunicarles que la visita guiada - la que se puede ordenar en diferentes lenguas extranjeras como el alemán, inglés, franciés, italiano y ruso - estará a su disposición en castellano también desde el mediados de octubre de 2017.

Romeo Smilkov concert
Dr. Romeo Smilkov, Bulgarian pianist, Professor at the Bulgarian National Academy of Music and Plovdiv Music School will give a concert in the Liszt Chamber Hall on 23 September at 4 pm. Smilkov's repertoire includes Liszt pieces and this concert will also include Beethoven, Liszt  transcriptions of Schumann and Wagner songs as well as 2 Bulgarian compositions, one of them transcribed by the Professor.

Temporary Exhibition Available on Tablets

We are happy to inform our visitors that the Museum now offers additional information related to our 2017 temporary exhibition on tablets. The letters, descriptions, pictures and musical examples give an even broader picture of Liszt's extraordinary ties to Italy. Please ask a staff member for assistance.

For technical reasons the Liszt Museum remains closed on Saturday, the 26th of August from 15 o’clock!

For technical reasons the Liszt Museum remains closed on Saturday, the 26th of August from 15 o’clock!

Romanian audioguide

From now on the audioguide is also available in Romanian language.

Renovation works

There are ongoing renovation works in the building of the Old Academy of Music! We kindly ask for your understanding!

New documents in the collection of the Liszt Museum

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Patrick-Peter Lange, new special documents related to Liszt’s childhood and parents enrich the collection of the Liszt Memorial Museum. The most valuable documents are the following: an original letter written by Liszt’s mother, Anna Liszt (29 April 1860), a handwritten copy of Liszt’s testament of 1861 and copies of the birth certificates of Liszt’s family members. The precious and rare documents will be part of our database soon.  We thank Mr. Lange for this special donation!

Liszt-Festival in Schillingsfürst

Between the 8th and the 15th of July there will be the 1st Liszt-Festival in Schillingsfürst in cooperation with the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research in Budapest. The cooperation is the result of the "Meeting of the Liszt Houses" event which was organized in the Liszt Memorial Museum Budapest in 2016. In the Schillingsfürst festival program of 2017, this meeting is considered as the next step of last year's meeting.

Thanks to the cooperation a tableau version of the periodic exhibition from 2014 entitled Liszts ideas on Fine Arts will be shown at the Ludwig-Doerfler-Galerie and it ill be introduced by Anna Peternák, the curator of the exhibition. Domokos Zsuzsanna, the director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center will give a lecture about Liszts activities related to Hungary. The museum will also be represented by Katalin Avar and David Spischak who participated in the construction and translation of the exhibition.

The festival is a master call as well, which will be held by pianist and Liszt researcher musicologist Leslie Howard for award-winnig young and extraodrinary pianists and the classes public and can be visited. The detailed programme of the festival can be found at the homepage of the Schillingsfürst castle:

The exhibition was supported by the Peter Horvath Stiftung.

Opening hours on Saturday 8 July

On Saturday 8 July the Museum will be open between 9am and 1 pm.

Closing on 29th June between 12:00-15:00

For technical reasons the Liszt Museum will close on Thursday (29th June, 2017) from 12 to 15 o'clock. Thank you for your understanding.

Night of the Museums in the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

Dear Visitors!
Opening hours on Saturday, 24 June, on the Night of the Museums are between 3:30 pm and 11:30 pm.
The ticket office opens at 3:00 pm.

The concert of HANBO MA will begin at 3 pm!

We inform our dear guests that the concert of HANBO MA (27th May 2017) will be at 3 pm for technical reasons! Tickets purchased for the concert are valid or can be redeemed at the place of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A new temporary exhibition - Italy Through the Eyes of Franz Liszt

The exhibition focuses on two periods of Liszt’s life, both related to Italy. In the first section we meet the young piano virtuoso and composer Liszt, who travelled mainly around Northern Italy with his partner princess Marie d’Agoult between 1837 and 1839. Followed by his first visit to Rome in 1839 the second part features the most interesting segments of Liszt’s life in his early fifties when he settled down in the Eternal City and spent 9 years in there. His contact with Rome lasted all through his life because after 1869 he left the city but continued his journeys, mostly in the triangle of Rome, Weimar and Budapest. The first years of travel in Northern Italy and the effect it had on the young Liszt is introduced by colleagues of the Fondazione Istituto Liszt Bologna: Professor Rossana Dalmonte and Mariateresa Storino. The second part dealing with Liszt’s most important encounters in Rome are exhibited using the material of the Liszt Museum Budapest and a few lending institutions. Some of the displayed documents emphasize very interesting and rarely mentioned musical implications such as Liszt and his relation to Italian church music reformers. Also on the ground floor we displayed a few segments of Liszt’s ideas on Italian literature and fine art and how it affected his compositions.

Opening hours during Easter

The Museum opening hours will be the following:

Friday 14 April - closed

Saturday 15 April - open

Sunday 16 April - closed

Monday 17 April - closed

The Liszt Museum and the Liszt Academy Foundation Donated a Liszt Statue to the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

On 4 April the Liszt Ferenc Academy donated a copy of a Liszt statue to the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. It now stands in the courtyard of the institution.

Left: János Herczog musicologist at Collegium Hungaricum in Rome, Roberto Giuliani director of Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Zsuzsanna Domokos director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center, Dr. István Puskás director of the Collegium Hungaricum in Rome

Liszt played a very important role in the musical life of Rome. His first visit to the Eternal City was in 1839, and as a famous pianist was later elected honorary member of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia. After settling in Rome in October 1861 he became an active contributor to the promotion and expansion of concert life in the city. With the help of his most important student Giovanni Sgambati pianist and another close friend Ettore Pinelli violinist and some other musicians Liszt could actively support the establishing of the first public music school the Liceo Musica Santa Cecilia as a part of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia.

Mr Gyula Fekete the deputy rector for reasearch and international affairs of the Music Academy initiated the creation of the statue and the Liszt Academy Foundation provided the financial support. The original statue was made by Caspar von Zumbusch during Liszt’s lifetime and several copies have been made since, one of them can be seen in the Liszt Museum. This replica was made by Balázs Szemerey-Kiss a lecturer at the Conservation Department of University of Fine Arts. The statue is the present of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, the Liszt Ferenc Museum and the Liszt Academy Foundation. The official unveiling ceremony took place in the first week of April when Professor Kálmán Dráfi pianist, head of the Keyboard Department of the Academy held a master class in the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia.

Left: Cecilia Campa musicologist, professor at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, János Herczog musicologist, Collegium Hungaricum in Rome, Zsuzsanna Domokos, director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center, Maurizio d'Alessandro, clarinet artist Chief organizer of the Albano Liszt Festival, Gregorio Nardi, pianist, Dr. István Puskás, director of the a Collegium Hungaricum in Rome, Professor Kálmán Dráfi pianist, head of the Keyboard Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music


Liszt House Raiding

The Liszt Museum Joined the Francophone Festival for the Third Time

This was the 3rd yearthe Liszt Museum joined the Francophone Festival with two concerts. The first event was a Hungarian concert premiere on 4 March when Evangelia Mitsopoulous played the 2 hand piano version of Liszt’s Dante Symphony transcribed by Carl Tausig along with a multimedia show of the Bonaventura Genelli illustrations she found during her research in Weimar. She also performed Preludes of Debussy and the work of a Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis: Night without a moon.

Our most important guests were His Excellency the ambassador of France, Mr. Éric Fournier and His Excellency the ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitrios Letsios, who gave financial support to the concert.

On 11 March an excellent French pianist Maxime Zecchini gave a concert in the Chamber Hall where the French ambassador, Éric Fournier was again our guest.

Zecchini’s concert was special, because he performed some rare pieces written for left hand, for example the work of a Liszt contemporary French virtuoso Charles-Valentin Alkan and some of his own transcriptions: the Miserere scene of Verdi’s The Troubadour and a wonderful performance of the transcription of Ravel’s Concerto for left hand.

National holiday in Hungary

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be closed on 15 March.

Professor Péter Horváth Visited the Museum

On 4 February Professor Péter Horváth, living in Stuttgart  visited the Museum, while he was in Budapest to celebrate a momentous birthday with his family members. The professor who was awarded with the Order of Merit of Hungary in 2013, has been an active supporter of Hungarian cultural life, and to our greatest honor the work of the Liszt Museum. We wish him good health and happiness on his birthday.

Albano Liszt Festival

We are pleased to inform you that the Albano Liszt Festival is taking place since December of 2016 till the end of February with the participation of outstanding musicians from several European countries and art director Maurizio d'Alessandro.


Opening times during Christmas

Opening times during Christmas



23.: 10:00 – 18:00

24.: closed

25.: closed

26.: closed

27.: 10:00 – 18:00

28.: 10:00 – 18:00

29.: 10:00 – 18:00

30.: 10:00 – 18:00

31.: closed


01.: closed

02.: 10:00 – 18:00


The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

About the successful Liszt Festival

Thirty years ago, on 20 September 1986 the building of the Old Music Academy was opened to the public and Liszt’s onetime apartment was inaugurated as the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre. His memory is constantly being kept alive, the authentic environment of the Museum attracts close to 20 thousand visitors a year. The founding director, Mária Eckhardt and her colleagues, among the Zsuzsanna Domokos the current director with her staff constantly work on preserving Liszt’s heritage by organizing programs that recall the life of the Old Academy and worthily commemorate the composer’s immortal works and exceptional personality. One of the most important series of events is the Saturday Matinée concerts held ever since 1986, during the school year. The purpose is to educate and entertain at the same time. Another important occasion the Liszt Festival goes back to the 2011 jubilee year. Just after Liszt’s death on the first meeting of the board of directors on the initiative of János Végh, vice president the members decided to organize a festival every 22 October to commemorate the birthday of the founding president, in the Concert Hall next to his apartment. All future directors, rectors and the Budapest Liszt Society followed the tradition and continued organizing the festivities even after the new building of the Music Academy was opened in 1907. The Academy’s former students are extremely grateful to the founder for creating the institution where they have become excellent musicians.

Dr. Andrea Vigh, the president of the Liszt Academy, concluded her opening speech for the festival as follows:
„Even though it may sound a cliché – when talking about Liszt, a romantic phrase is acceptable - , we have to keep going we have to keep the flame burning. The big question today is how we can preserve and pass on the spirit of our master, his generosity, his respect of European culture and his constant commitment to talent. In less than a month there will be 11 concerts within these historic walls to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the museum. All of the festival concerts represent a high standard and could be performed in any concert hall around the World. Among the performers we can find well known artists, young musicians who have just started their career and students of the Liszt Academy. This in itself is very symbolic: I am convinced that Liszt would have chosen the artist based on similar values. I am grateful to the staff of the Liszt Museum for organizing the festival, and even more so thank you for the wonderful 30 years!”

The concerts of the festival were sincere mementos of Liszt’s spirit and his former home, the concert hall was packed with people on every occasion and the festive atmosphere was constant. The audience applauded with standing ovation or expressed their admiration with silence, in each case they left the house enriched by an unforgettable experience. It was an honor for us that the Liszt Museum Foundation published a nice booklet with the complete program in Hungarian and in English, which were handed to our audience before each concert. The booklets contain information about the artists, their program, a short description of the pieces they played and all this can be found on our website.

The festival was organized under the patronage of Dr. János Áder, president of Hungary and NKA (National Cultural Fund) also supported the concerts.

We Participated in an International Conference Held in Lucca at the end of November


With the title „Nineteenth-Century Programme Music” a great international conference was organized in Lucca between 25 and 27 November by the Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini in collaboration with Ad Parnassum, a Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instumental Music. The two keynote speakers were Jonathan Kregor (University of Cincinnati, OH) and Rainer Kleinertz (Universität des Saarlandes). The papers were delivered by scholars from numerous European countries, the US, China and Australia. The 56 lectures were read in parallel sections. It was an honour for us, that Hungary was represented by the Liszt Research Centre with the support of the Academy of Music. The two lecturers were Zsuzsanna Domokos and Ágnes Watzatka. The detailed program of the conference can be read under the following link:

New virtual exhibition on our website

We inform our dear guests that the virtual version of our temporary exhibition from 2014-2015 titled Liszt’s Ideas on Fine Arts – Impressions without Boundaries is now available on our website:

The virtual exhibition was made by Márton Török, Miklós Török and Anna Peternák.

Europe in the Time of Franz Liszt - international conference in Maribor

The Pokrajinski muzej Maribor (Slovenia) organized an international conference titled Europe in the Time of Franz Liszt on 13 and 14 October 2016. The director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre, Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos and two colleagues, Ágnes Watzatka and Anna Peternák participated in the conference.

Detailed progam can be found here:

The full texts of the lectures in English are here:

The conference was related to the temporary exhibition of the Pokrajinski muzej Maribor which was opened in June, entitled Franz Liszt, Small European Tour. In this exhibition, two objects are exhibited from the collection of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest: a bust of Liszt and a ribbon wreath from Liszt’s property. The exhibition marks the 170th anniversary of Franz Liszt's performance in the Knight's Hall of the Maribor castle. The conference was organized in this hall.

All the participants of the conference received DVD with the English version of the papers. We met with a warm welcome and kind hospitality, our hosts took us to several nice places where Liszt had given concerts during his tour of 1846, for example to the famous spa, Rogaška Slatina.

István Lajkó's concert has been cancelled!


We sorry having to inform our audience that István Lajkó's concert has been cancelled due to sickness. The tickets for the concert can either be returned at theticket office of the Liszt Museum, or will be valid for the concert of István Lajkó on the 19th of November at 17 o'clock for the same program.


Thank you for your understanding!

Opening Hours in the end of October

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be open as usual on the 29th of October.

We will be closed 30 October - 1 November.

Thank you.

Liszt Anniversary Festival


organized by the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center 1-29 October, Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this fall. Since Liszt’s birthday, 22 October will be a Saturday – just like in the memorial year of 2011 – the Museum will organize a whole festival month with a series of concerts. The five Saturdays will consist of not only Matinees but there will be concerts in the afternoon and on Friday evening preceding Liszt’s birthday. There will be appearances by excellent musicians all of whom are celebrated and distinguished interpreters of the Liszt heritage and supporters of the Museum as well. The program of the 11 concerts has been put together with the intention of performing the widest possible variety of Liszt’s works. There will be excerpts from solo, 2-hand and 2-piano pieces, chamber music, male and mixed choirs. We are planning to include rarely played pieces as well. To enrich the commemoration a few pieces by Liszt’s contemporaries and by his favorite composers have been included, like Orlande de Lassus, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Eduard Lassen. Other composers will be part of the program in the form of transcriptions by Franz Liszt himself.

You can find detailed information here.

1 October

11:00  Saint Ephraim Male Choir, conducted by Tamás Bubnó, with the contribution of Csaba Király (piano)


Liszt Psalms

Improvisation (Csaba Király)

Mihi autem adhaerere (Psalm 73), (S 37)

De profundis (Psalm 129), (S 16/2), solo: Béla Laborfalvi Soós

Mein Gott, der ist mein Hirt (Psalm 23), (S15/1), - solo: Márton Komáromi

Domine salvum fac regem (Psalm 20), (S 23), solo: Márton Komáromi

Improvisation (Csaba Király)

Laudate Dominum (Psalm 116), (S 15/a), solo: Márton Komáromi, Lőrinc Bubnó, Béla Laborfalvi Soós and Kornél Pechan

18:00  Piano concert of Balázs Szokolay and Diána Szőke


Liszt: Weihnachtsbaum – excerpts. Four hands version (S 613)

Liszt: Sonetto del Petrarca no.123 (Années de pèlerinage, deuxième année: Italie), (S 161) – Diána Szőke

Excerpts from Années de pèlerinage, première année: Suisse

Chopin-Liszt: Six polish Songs (S 480) – Balázs Szokolay

Liszt: Un sospiro, (Three Concert Etudes, No. 3.), (S 144)

Liszt: Ab irato (S 143)

Liszt: Consolations, (S 172), - excerpts

Liszt: Polonaise No. 2 in E major (S 223)

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.– four hands version (S 621)

8 October

11:00  Chamber concert

Performed by:

Attila Szűcs (song), Trio Duecento Corde (András Tallián – violin, Ibolya Tallián-Nagy – cello, Ferenc János Szabó – piano)


Liszt: Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth (for male voice and piano, 1st version) (1841) LW.N6a

Liszt: Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth (for piano, 2nd version) (1841) LW.A81b

Liszt: Romance oubliée (for viola and piano) (S.132)

Liszt: Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth (for male voice and piano, 4th version) (1858) LW.N6d

Lassen: Wieder möcht’ ich dir begegnen op. 58/1

Lassen: Ich ging hinaus op. 58/2

Lassen: Du meiner Seele op. 58/3

Liszt: Tristia - Vallée d'Obermann (arr. Edouard Lassen for piano trio) (1880?) LW.D18

Liszt: Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth (for cello and piano) (1883) LW.D21

18:00  New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, conducted by László Norbert Nemes, with the contribution of Anikó Novák


Liszt: Invocation (Années de Pèlerinage, première année: Suisse), (S 173/1) – Anikó Novák

Liszt: Ave Maria (S. 20/1) – for mixed choir (1846)

Lassus: Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales Psalm 130 (De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine) - choir

Lassus: Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales Psalm 51 (Miserere mei, Deus, secundum magnam misericordiam team) - choir

Liszt: Pater Noster (S 21) – for male choir (1846)

Liszt: Hymne de l'Enfant à son Réveil (S173/6) – choir (1846) with harp and piano accompaniment

Liszt: Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude (Harmonies poétiques et réligieuses), (S173/3) – Anikó Novák

15 October

11:00  Piano concert of Alex Szilasi


Liszt: Csárdás Obstiné, (S 618)

Liszt: Orage (Années de Pèlerinage, première année: Suisse), (S 160)

Liszt: Funérailles (Harmonies poétiques et réligieuses), (S 173)

Rossini-Liszt: William Tell Overture (S 552)

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 (S 244)

18:00  Piano concert of Károly Mocsári


Liszt: Valse oubliée No. 1 (S 215)

Debussy: La plus que lente

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 16 (S 244)

Bartók: Suite (Op. 14)

Bartók: Allegro Barbaro

21 October

18:00  Concert of Gábor Farkas (piano) and Zoltán Takács (violin)


Gounod-Liszt: Valse de l’opéra Faust de Gounod (S 407)

Schumann-Liszt: Widmung, (S 566)

Schumann: Carnaval

(Gábor Farkas – piano)

Liszt: Die drei Zigeuner (S 383)

Liszt: Die Trauergondel (La lugubre gondola), (S 134)

Liszt:  Grand Duo Concertante, (S 128)

(Gábor Farkas – piano, Zoltán Takács – violin)

22 October

11:00  Concert of Edit Klukon and Dezső Ránki (piano)


Liszt: Dante Symphony – for two pianos, composer’s arrangement (S 648)

Liszt: Via Crucis – for four hands, composer’s arrangement (S 583)

16:00  Concert of the piano faculty of the Liszt Academy


Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 - Nozomu Sugawara

Liszt: Funérailles- Ayumu Yamanaka

Schubert-Liszt: Ständchen and Liszt: Mazeppa- Mónika Ruth Vida

Bellini-Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma- Krisztián Kocsis

Wagner: Tannhäuser Overture - László Váradi

Liszt: Dante Sonata - Fülöp Ránki

29 October

11:00  Piano Concert of István Lajkó


Mosonyi-Liszt: Fantaisie sur l’opéra hongroise Szép Ilonka (S 417)

Zichy-Liszt: Valse d'Adéle, (S 456)

Wagner-Liszt: O du mein holder Abendstern, (S 444)

Bellini-Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma (S 394)

Liszt: Die Trauergondel (La lugubre gondola), 2nd version (S 200/2)

Liszt: Schlaflos, Frage und Antwort (Insomnie!, Question et réponse), (S 203)

Liszt: Sancta Dorothea, (S 187)

Liszt: Rondeau fantastique sur un thème espagnol (S 252)

18:00  Piano Concert of Péter Nagy


Schubert: Piano Sonata in B flat major, D.960

Schubert-Liszt: Wasserfluth, Täuschung, (S 561)

Liszt: Bagatelle ohne Tonart (Bagatelle sans tonalité), (S 216a)

Liszt: Marche hongroise (S 233)



Opening hours on 24 September

We inform our dear guests that on 24 September 2016 the Liszt Memorial Museum is open between 9:00-14:00. After 14:00, we are closed because of technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

International meeting of the European Liszt Memorial Houses

On September 10 2016 we organized an international meeting of the European Liszt Memorial Houses in the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest on the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Museum. The event was part of the International Liszt Competition organized by the Filharmonia Magyarország Kft. The guests included representatives of the Memorial Houses in Austria and Germany, who held interesting lectures about their work. Dr. Evelyn Liepsch the coworker of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv talked about the most important activities of the Weimar Liszt House, which was opened not long after the composer’s death. Martin Czernin the scientific coworker of Liszt’s Memorial House of Raiding and of the Landesmuseum Eisenstadt and Thomas Mersich the head coordinator of the Raiding Liszt Festivals talked about Liszt’s birthplace and about the concert life in Raiding. Hans Emmert talked about the Liszt Memorial Room in the Schillingsfürst Castle, Prince Constantin elaborated on the history of the Hohenlohe- Schillingsfürst family which is many ways connected to Liszt. The founding director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest recalled the birth of the museum and talked about the most interesting events between 1986 and 2009. The current director Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos described the wide range of activities the museum staff is involved in. all lectures were held in English and it was free. Hopefully this event was the first step in establishing long term cooperation between the memorial houses, and there will be many similar events in the future.

Meeting of the Liszt Houses

Liszt exhibition in Maribor

We are pleased to inform our guests that on 10 June 2016, an exhibition was opened in the Pokrajinski Muzej Maribor, Slovenia, entitled ‘Franz Liszt, Small European Tour’. The exhibition was realized with the participation of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre. It can be visited until April 2017. In this exhibition, two objects are exhibited from the collection of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest: a bust of Liszt and a ribbon wreath from Liszt’s property. The exhibition marks the 170th anniversary of Franz Liszt's performance in the Knight's Hall of the Maribor castle.

The Pokrajinski Muzej Maribor organizes a conference as well on October 2016 related to Franz Liszt, entitled ’Europe in the time of Franz Liszt’ in which some of our colleagues will be present.

You can find detailed information about the exhibition here.

Opening hours on Saturday 2 July

We inform our visitors that on Saturday 2 July the Museum wil be open from 9 am. till 2 pm.

Night of the Museums

We inform our guests that the tickets for the Night of the Museums is already available at the Liszt Museum.

Regular price: 1500 HUF

Reduced price: (children between 6 and 18 years) 600 HUF

Opening hours on 28 May 2016

We inform our dear guests that on 28 May 2016 the Liszt Memorial Museum is open between 9:00-13:00. After 13:00, we are closed because of technical reasons.

Audioguides in Czech and Swedish

Dear visitors!

Above the audioguides in the already available languages English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean it is also available now in Czech and Swedish langauge for 700 HUF.

You can listen to the introductions on the audioguides here.

A new temporary exhibition at the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum - Royal Majesties around Franz Liszt

A new temporary exhibition will be opened at the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum with the title "Royal Majesties around Franz Liszt" in collaboration with Ágnes Watzatka and Lili Békéssy on 12 May 2016. The exhibition will be on until May of 2017.
What can we see in this exhibition?
Especially the portraits of royal friends of Liszt and the places where these friendships or casual acquaintances came about. We can read the friendly letter of Grand Duke Karl Alexander of Weimar, the touching lines of the Prussian Duchess and later German Empress Augusta, the acknowledgments of Frederick William IV. and Napoleon III.. We can also see some special documents: Liszt’s appointment as conductor in the court of Weimar, his certificate of French Legion of Honour, the document of the papal Saint George Order and even the representative certificate of the Austrian Order of the Iron crown.


The cultivation of memories of the past would even them be my obligation, if I could not find consolation in it.” (Augusta Marie Luise Katharina von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach)


Besides these, the printed and handwritten music from the score collection of Franz Liszt are the main materials of the exhibition, in which decorated dedications recall the crowned friends, benefactors and supporters of Liszt.
The exhibition opening will take place on 12 May 2016 at 6 pm in the Chamber Hall of the Old Music Academy, where in connection with the occasion the pianist István Lajkó will perform.

Hungarian songs from the scores of Liszt in Budapest

We invite our dear guests to a special concert on 29 April 18:00 to the Chamber Hall of the Liszt Museum. The students of the Liszt Academy, Department of Vocal and Opera Studies are going to perform rare songs from the score collection of Franz Liszt. In addition to the songs, solo piano compositions will be performed by Ferenc János Szabó, teacher of the Liszt Academy, who compiled the whole program. The concert also draws attention to the digitalization work of Liszt’s estate (books and scores) which takes place right now in the Liszt Memorial Museum.

The program can be seen here:

Entry is free.

Liszt's way in Switzerland - Touristic program of Lisztomanias International

Liszt's way in Switzerland - Touristic program of Lisztomanias International

We want to insform our guests that the Lisztomanias International organized a trip from France to Switzerland between 29th June and 9th July 2016. The stations of the bus trip are the places where Liszt and Marie d'Agoult were together in 1835 (the locations of the piano piece Années de pèlerinage: Switzerland): Paris - Belfort - Basel - Geneva - Fribourg - Basel - Paris. The history of music-cultural-historical tour also includes concerts, lectures and sightseeing. The tours are mainly held in French, but we would also look forward to guests who speak German and English.

For more information, see here and on the website of the International Lisztomanias (Voyage en Suisse Lisztomanias: Année de Pélerinage 1 du 29 juin au 8 juillet 2016).
For additional information, please contact the organizer of the trip, Alain Rechner.

New virtual exhibition on our website - Ferenc Erkel, the Director of the Academy of Music

We are pleased to inform our dear guests that the virtual version of the periodic exhibition Ferenc Erkel, the Director of the Academy of Music (organized in 2010) is available on our website. The exhibition presents the first years of the Academy of Music, gives information about Ferenc Erkel as director and piano teacher, and also about the relationship between Liszt and Erkel. The original exhibition was organized by Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos, director of the Liszt Memorial Museum, with the co-operation of Katalin Szerző Szőnyi. Programming of the virtual appliaction was created by Márton Török and Miklós Török. Original content of the exhibition adapted for virtual use by Anna Peternák.

The virtual exhibition is available here


Wonderful Concert by Patrick Fayad

On 19 March the Memorial Museum housed a wonderful full house matinée concert given by Patrick Fayad the Lebanese born pianist, living in Paris who was one of the excellent students of France Clidat. The event was organized as of the Festival Francophone. In his introduction given in Hungarian, Arabic and French His Excellency Noel Fattal the ambassador of Lebanon noted the international importance of Liszt’s heritage. The excellence of the musician and the intimacy of the concert was honored by the presence of His Excellency Éric Fournier ambassador of France and ten more ambassadors based in Budapest. Hervé Ferrage, head of the French Institute was also among the guests and the members of the international community were welcomed by President Dr. Andrea Vigh and Gyula Fekete Vice President. The concert was a joined event organized by the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum of the Academy, the Embassy of Lebanon in Budapest and the French Institute Budapest.


Patrick Fayad Matinée Concert

Dear Audience!

Our Museum participates the Francophonie Fesival, within which pianist Patrick Fayad is going to be ur guest at the matinée concert on the 19th of march.



Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be open as follows:

12 March OPEN
13 March CLOSED
14 March OPEN
15 March CLOSED
from 16 March OPEN as usual

Festival in Honor of the Legendary Liszt Virtuoso György Cziffra

Festival in Honor of the Legendary Liszt Virtuoso György Cziffra

"The whole life and work of Georges Cziffra is a shining proof of the fact, that despite

difficult circumstances perseverance, hard work and talent will be rewarded by international

recognition and a career at home and abroad as well." – These are the opening words of the

press material of the first Georges Cziffra festival to be held in February 2016 to

commemorate the world famous Hungarian pianist. The festival will be in the MOM Cultural

Center under the artistic direction of János Balázs, pianist, winner of the Franz Liszt award.

Between 25 and 28 February every night a renowned musician will appear on stage and they

will all be playing masterpieces of 19th century musical literature just as it was the main

repertoire of Georges Cziffra. The presenter and host of the festival will be Szilvia Mohácsi.

At the concert, titled "Cannons and Flowers" the audience will also hear some excerpts from

the autobiography of Cziffra. On the concert on the 26th a relative of the pianist, László

Adrássy will try to introduce Cziffra “The Man”. On the next day the concert "Virtuosi of

cafes and bars
" will consist of evergreen melodies from the 40-s and 50-s and Liszt

Rhapsodies. Finally the gala concert on the 28th is a true "Hommage à Cziffra". Artists Géza

D. Hegedűs, Tamás Vásáry, Kálmán Dráfi, Károly Mocsári, Péter Sárik, Balázs Berkes,

Andrea Malek, János Balázs, Ernő Kállai Kis, Barnabás Kelemen, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

Ferenc Snétberger, Kálmán Záborszky, Katalin Kokas, Félix Lajkó and Dora Kokas will be

performing along with the King Saint Stephen Symphony Orchestra.

"It is a very important task for today’s world-famous pianists who once were students of the

master to pass on their knowledge and the spiritual heritage of Georges Cziffra to the next

generation." – No better way to sum up the three-day master class, which will be held on 19-

21 February, where 18 students can take a lesson from 4 excellent and renowned pianists:

Tamás Vásáry, János Balázs, Kálmán Dráfi and Károly Mocsári. Registration ends on 20

January. For more information click here. There will also be a National Georges Cziffra

Music Competition for all Hungarian citizens born between 1996 and 2004. More information

on these can be expected in February. On 28 February there will be a special program for

children “Introducing and choosing instruments”, is a program where they can get to know the

harp, the guitar, the violin and the cello. A drawing contest "My Music Elfs" will also be

organized starting in January.

There will be an exhibition titled Skyscrapes, by award winning Ödön Gyügyi, and the

unpublished photos of György Cziffra. The gourmet experience is guaranteed by the Cziffra

cake and the Cziffra coffee available throughout the festival.


For more information please visit

Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be open as follows:

24-27 December    CLOSED
28-30 December    OPEN
31 December - 1 January    CLOSED
2 January    OPEN
3 January    CLOSED
from 4 January    OPEN

New prices in the Liszt Museum from 2016



Entrance fee: 1500 HUF

Reduced entrance fee (students, pensioners living in the EU): 750 HUF

Photo ticket: 1100 HUF

Video ticket (in case of non-commertial recordings): 2200 HUF

Guided tour in foreign languages (English, German, French, Italian, Russian)

max. 20 persons/group: 12000 HUF

20 – 30 persons/group: 12000 HUF + 500 HUF/person above the 20-person limit


Audioguides available in several languages (English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian)

700 HUF




Concert ticket: 1500 HUF

Reduced concert ticket (for students and pensioners living in the EU): 750 HUF

Combined ticket (museum and concert): 2200 HUF

Reduced combined ticket  (for Hungarian citizens and individual visitors from the EU): 1000 HUF

Goldmark conference in the Institute of Musicology

On the centenary of Karl Goldmark’s death, the Institute of Musicology RCH HAS Archives and Research Group for 20th and 21st Century Hungarian Music launches the international conference "Exoticism, orientalism and national identity in musical theatre" (11 and 12 December, 2015, Institute of Musicology). Among the lectures about Goldmark, his contemporaries, orientalism and national identity, we can find a lecture about Franz Liszt as well.

The program of the conference

Institute of Musicology RCH HAS
Táncsics Mihály u. 7., 1014 Budapest

Invitation to Tibor Tallián's book launch

On 19 November 2015, together with the Balassi Publishing Company we will be presenting a new book that is an essential element of 19th century Hungarian music history. It is on one hand the biography of the number-one soprano singer of the Hungarian National Theatre, the leading soloist of the Magyar Theatre, who was also a celebrated opera singer in Western European theaters. Through her story this captivating writing by Professor and former department leader of the Academy of Music, we get a very clean cut picture of the unfolding musical life in Hungary during the Reform Era.



Liszt day: three special concert in honour of Liszt


Every year the Liszt Memorial Museum celebrates Liszt’s birthday with concerts organized on a Saturday in October (usually it’s the closest Saturday to the actual birthday, 22 October). This year we organized three concerts in honour of Liszt on 17 October; the program of all these beautiful concerts was based on Liszt’s compositions.

In the morning the talented student of the Liszt Academy’s piano faculty and also a globe-trotting artist, Fülöp Ránki played very deep, philosophical compositions of Liszt, which was more of a contemplation than a traditional concert. The Chamber hall was full.

In the afternoon the Béla Bartók Chamber Choir from Szolnok gave concert with great artists who played different kind of chamber works using harp, cello, piano, viola, violin. They gave a colorful performance playing little-known works as well like Heilige Nacht. The program was based on sacred choral works, songs ang chamber works of Liszt.


In the evening the Liszt Award Winner pianist and teacher, Gábor Farkas played piano works of Liszt, most of them were related to the componist’s experience in Italy. The captivating, passionate and intimate performance honoured worthily the birthday of the great composer.

New acquisition: a plaque of Liszt became the property of the Museum

We are pleased to inform our guests that with the support of the Liszt Academy Foundation, the Liszt Memorial Museum could manage to buy a special plaque representing Liszt. It will be exhibited in the permanent exhibition. The bronze plated cast iron plaque was made in Lauchhammer, Germany, probably around 1900 (or few decades earlier). It comes from the estate of a tailor called János Tura who lived in Budapest. The museum bought this plaque from György Élő.

The memorial day in remembrance of Mihály Mosonyi at the Liszt Museum was a success

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, the Liszt Research Centre has organized on the occasion of the twohundredst birthday of Mihály Mosonyi an all-day celebration. At the matinee concert  chamber music works of Mihály Mosonyi and his also born 200 years ago, the first harmony and counterpoint teacher of the Academy of Music, Robert Volkmann. In the afternoon lectures on the work, the personality, the time Mosonyi Mihalys were held in the evening and István Kassai and Festetics String Quartet gave a concert with works by Liszt and Mosonyi. The interest in the concerts and presentations was great and the day of remembrance took place in a good mood.

The scientific session was organized by Zsuzsanna Domokos, the director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center and proceeded with the participation of members of the Research Center and the Research Library. This was the first occasion on which several generations of Liszt Research Centre - experienced researchers and young scientists - could consecutively hold lectures and thus show the complex, scientific work of Liszt Research Centre, which is not limited to Liszt. The session was moderated by Maria Eckhardt, the founding director of the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Centre. The director of the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Center and the staff of the Research Library of the Academy of Music have contributed with valuable lectures to the success of the day and showed to the audience that the library and museum work closely together and maintain a good relationship to each other.

At the concerts some rarely performed, special compositions written by Mosonyi were played, in dignified remembrance the composer and his contemporaries. The String Quartet in A Minor which has been performed in the evening is about to be recorded by the Festetics Quartet, which has already recorded three works by Mosonyi. At the concert in the morning we have, among others the first Hungarian song cycle, or the famous Festival Music has in the four-hand version in which Mosonyi worked the "Szózat". The program of the concert in the morning has been compiled by Szilvia Elek and she was also there as a pianist throughout at the presentation of compositions of different genres.




Mosonyi Memorial Day at the Liszt Museum

On October 3rd, the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Centre remembers Mihály Mosonyi. The important composer and music journalist born 200 years ago on September 2nd, one of the closest friends of Franz Liszt in Hungary was born.
At the beginning of the day at 11 o’clock a concert starts with the participation of Szilvia Elek, Ágnes Kun, Anikó Horváth and other participants who perform chamber compositions, trios and songs of Mosonyi.
At 14 o’clock, the visitors can attend a scientific meeting with lectures by members of the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Centre and a few guest lectures by other renowned Liszt and Mosonyi researchers, at each of which one side of the versatile composer is shown.
The commemoration concludes with a concert by István Kassai and the Festetics Quartet, whose program was put together by the presenters of works by Liszt and Mosonyi.
The detailed program of the two concerts and the conference can be read on the homepage of the Liszt Museum. The visit to the conference is free and the concert tickets can be purchased at the museum. We await our guests warmly.


Online interactive game on our website

We are happy to inform our dear guests that an exciting interactive game developed by our colleagues is now available from our website. The title of the game is Château d’Amour (Castle of Love) which refers to Liszt’s only complete opera Don Sanche or the Castle of Love. It can be started from the front page of the museum, from the menu bar at left, below the Virtual tour (press the castle icon or the title: Château d’Amour).

The game is related to our new temporary exhibition titled From Don Sanche to Via Crucis - Liszt’s European Life from Paris to Budapest, and also available from the touch screen of the museum. It takes place in a magic castle and the player has to assist a knight in making his way through the chambers of the castle to find the princess. The knight can proceed from one room to the next if he/she gives the correct answer to the question that pops up. The game is full of surprises because if you touch certain points of the screen, certain objects move around and the scenery changes, people appear and disappear.

To start the game:
1.    Press the castle icon or the title: Château d’Amour (the homepage’s menu bar at left)
2.    One click on the castle drawing.
3.    Touch the little knight with the cursor – then he enters the castle.
4.    Touch the armor with the cursor – then he tells you the rules of the game.
5.    After that you only have to follow the rules, answer the questions and try the different type of animations.

We wish you a pleasant game!

The staff of the Liszt Museum

Opening hours during holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be open as follows:

20 August  closed

21 August  open

22 August  open

23 August  closed

Hungarian and Austrian Liszt websites connect

We are pleased to inform our readers that following our visit to the Liszt memorial museum of Raiding the cooperation continues and from now on our websites are interconnected. All those interested in finding Hungarian and Austrian memorial places of Franz Liszt can do so, by visiting or

Opening hours on the 11th of July

The Liszt Museum will for technical reasons only be open from 9 to 14 o’clock on Saturday, the 11th of July.

Matinée concert - Summer break


Next matinée concert: September 5, 2015

with Brigitta Sveda and Benjamin Perényi on piano


Opening hours during the Night of Museums

We inform our guests that on 20 June, during the Night of the Museums, the Liszt Memorial Museum is open between 15:30-24:00. You may buy your entrance tickets/wrist bands on the spot.


Visit to Raiding – cooperation starts between the Liszt Museums

On 14 June, we visited the birthplace of Liszt in Raiding (or Doborján) which is today also a Liszt memorial museum.

It was a great opportunity for all of us, because we haven’t been to Raiding yet (only two staff members had seen Liszt’s birthplace before). Johannes and Eduard Kutrowatz, organizers of the Raiding Liszt Festival invited us, provided discount tickets for the concert of pianist Aleksandra Mikulska who played Liszt and Chopin works. In Liszt’s house, Dr. Gábor Gonda greeted us kindly and professor Manfred Fuchs, director of the Liszt Society Raiding (Franz Liszt Verein Raiding) guided us through the museum. Finally we placed a wreath on the statue of Liszt. This visit can serve as a basis of future cooperation between the Liszt memorial places in Hungary and abroad.

Saturday opening times

The Liszt Museum will for technical reasons only be open from 9 to 13 o’clock on Saturday, the 13th of June.


New Temporary Exhibition Opened in the Museum

The temporary exhibition From Don Sanche to Via Crucis takes the viewers into the world of 19th century opera by introducing Liszt's only completed opera, his transcriptions and two great oratorios.

Successful museum educational activities at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

It is a pleasure to us that more and more groups of pupils participate in the versatile museum educational activities; there was no example of such intense interest. Pupils of different age groups from primary and secondary schools in Budapest and the countryside visit us. In the near future we will have the pupils of the Lajtha László School of Arts visiting us, who we await with games including music and dance. On the 6th of May we held an interactive activity for the pupils of the Zsigmond Móricz Secondary School in three different places within the building of the Old Academy of Music including listening to music, improvisational excercises and an activity game related to the material of the museum. Another class from the same school has visited us on the 3rd of June and participated in the games with a lot of ethusiasm, vital interest and cheer which proves better than anything else how successful our program is.

We kindly and continuously expect interested children from every age group to our museum educational activities. These occasions always begin with an interactive guided tour followed by games according to the age group and their demands. We can also arrange summer camps intensive, longer programs during the opening times of the museum. Not only schools can take children to us, but also parents can bring them to our activities. In addition to to the games mentioned above for older children we can offer educational lectures in connection to Liszt’s life and his music and the smaller ones we await with instruments, memory games, treasure hunt and coloring.


Price for visiting the museum, the guided tour (ca. 30-40 minutes) and the educational activities in Hungarian (ca. one hour): 1000 HUF p. person

Visiting the museum and guided tour (without the educational activities):
600 Ft p. person.

Activities for more hours according to agreement.

To apply for the activities please contact:

Phone: +36 1 342-7320

From Don Sanche to Via Crucis - Periodic exhibition

Maintenance in the Museum

We inform our visitors, that due to technical reasons the Museum will be closed on Friday, 15 May. On 18-19 May there will be maintenance activity, but the permanent exhibition will be open and discount tickets sold. Our temporary exhibition Liszt’s Ideas on Fine Arts closes on 11 May.

Opening hours during the holidays

We inform our visitors that the museum will be closed on Friday, 1 May and open as usual on Saturday 2 May.

New Temporary Exhibition to Open Soon

A new temporary exhibition will open on 22 May, 2015 in the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum: From Don Sanche to Via Crucis - Liszt's Journey through Europe from Paris to Budapest. The exhibition focuses on the fact that Liszt was interested in opera as a genre all his life from the early years, to the Weimar opera premiers and transcriptions to his unique reform of the oratorium as a genre. The Hungarian-French coproduction is curated by Nicolas Dufetel Liszt expert on the French side and By Zsuzsanna Domokos and her collegues on Hungarian side. The exhibition is supported by the French Institute of Budapest. For the Hungarian topic we have received digital copies to be displayed from several significant Paris institutions such as the Opera, Bibliothéque Nationale, Archive Nationale, and also from the German Klassik Stiftung Weimar Goethe-Schiller Archíve and the Liszt House of Weimar. We will of course exhibit our own collection complemented by items from Hungarian museums and libraries.

Opening hours during Easter

We inform our visitors that the Museum opening hours will be as follows:

Saturday 4 April - open

Sunday 5 April - closed

Monday 6 April - closed

Concert by Marouan and Yanis Benabdallah

Our second event as part of the Francofone Festival was a wonderful concert by Marouan and Yanis Benabdallah, the Hungarian-Moroccan brothers living in France. The recital included works by French musicians, a Kodály song and some Liszt songs as well as solo piano works.

The event was organized with the help of the French Institute and the Lisztomanias International. The musicians gave a beautiful, high quality performance enriched with their charming personality. The audience greeted the heart warming event with a long applause. The concert was visited by a group of 40 French guests who came to Budapest as part of a tour of the Liszt memorial places, organized by Lisztomanias International.

Database improvement

We inform our readers that we have added new holdings to our database. We have also unified it to help your search.

Our database which has been created during the Liszt-year in 2011 serves including the newly uploaded holdings those who research the work and estate of Liszt. The descriptions have become more unified and expertly, but we keep up our developing and extending work continously.

Our aim is to connect our database to an aggregated search surface in the future to make it possible that the descriptions and the digital photos of the holdings we nurse can reach a much wider circle.

Our database can be reached under the menu item Museum Holdings on our homepage or here .


Museum Holdings

Cyprien Katsaris at the Liszt Museum Budapest

Online Wagner Exhibition

We are pleased to inform our readers, that the online version of our previous exhibition Wagner and His Hungarian Friends is now available for viewing.  Availability here!

Cyprien Katsaris tickets available

Tickets of a limited amount are available for the concert in support of the Liszt Museum, by French pianist Cyprien Katsars to be held on 7 March at 7 pm.


Liszt Statue Unveiled in Ireland

The Cork School of Music’s Fleischmann Library in Ireland was chosen to be the location for a bronze bust of Franz Liszt, by the distinguished Hungarian sculptress, Katalin Gerő.


Her busts of Liszt are widely acclaimed - one is sited in the centre of Budapest, another was donated by Budapest to Warsaw on the occasion of the Liszt bicentenary in 2011, and the third is in Belgrade’s Manjez Park, near the Serbian Faculty of Music.


The unveiling ceremony was preceded by a short recital by Hungarian pianist, Dávid Szilasi, who gave a beautiful interpretation of Liszt's Czardas obstinée and Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12.

Concerts of the Liszt Society

We encourage our visitors to listen to the concerts organized by the Liszt Society. The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum also sells tickets for these programs.

Dates, theme:
21 January 2015 – Liszt the chamber musician
18 February 2015 – Liszt the polyglot master of songs
18 March 2015 -  Liszt and choral music

Details and programs on the website of the Liszt Society:

Opening hours during the holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum opening hours will be as follows:

22-23 December OPEN

24-26 December CLOSED

27 December OPEN

28 December CLOSED

29-30 December OPEN

31 December CLOSED

1 January CLOSED

from 2 January OPEN

Music Pedagogy Lectures

Liszt Festivals Abroad

This year the Weimar Hochschule celebrated Liszt’s birthday together with Hungarian artists, thanks to Balázs Szokolay, professor of the Academy of Music in Weimar and in Budapest as well. That’s why the festival was named Liszt meets Liszt. It was Szokolay’s idea to provide Hungarian musicological context and information for the German audience during the four-day festival. Thomas Steinhöfel, professor at the Weimar Hochschule took part as a fellow artist in the festival, and helped Balázs Szokolay to organize the programs. The birthday concerts that included works by Liszt, Bartók, Beethoven and Ligeti were followed by early music concerts: the Excanto ensemble performed early Hungarian music starting from the Middle Ages. There was also a special concert commemorating Philipp Emanuel Bach who was born in the town of Weimar 300 years ago. The folk music was also a great success especially because Bartók’s works and the original folk melodies created a perfect harmony and balance. Zoltán Kodály’s rarely performed cello-piano sonata was performed at the final concert. The whole event was a great success, the concert hall was full. Some of the performers held master classes which were followed by concert by the students. András Kemenes gave a lecture about a work by Philipp Emanuel Bach. Balázs Szokolay and Thomas Steinhöfel were not only organizers, but performing artists, as well. The Hungarian pianist played at four out of five concerts. The guest of honor at the Liszt birthday celebration was Péter Esterházy who read excerpts from his Harmonia Caelestis. The Hungarian Academy of Music was represented by two artist teachers, Katalin Halmai and András Kemenes and the director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre Zsuzsanna Domokos who was the moderator of four concerts.
The participants of the festival were Katalin Halmai, Kristóf Baráti, István Várdai, Balázs Szokolay, István Lajkó, Lydia Rinecker, Dániel Villányi, Thomas Steinhöfel, Katalin Kállay, Ágnes Kállay, Gábor Kállay, István Győr, András Kemenes, Balázs Szokolay Dongó, Aliz Agod, László Fenyő, Péter Esterházy and Zsuzsanna Domokos.

Besides the Weimar festival, Raiding also saluted the memory of Liszt at his birthday period. The Liszt festival in Albano and another one in Villa d'Este, Tivoli are still under way, with concerts following each other in larger intervals. We would like to draw the attention of our public to these festivals.

Cyprien Katsaris concert at the Old Music Academy

We are proud to announce that on 7 March, 2015 at 7 pm Cyprien Katsaris pianist will hold a concert in the Chamber Hall of the Old Music Academy in honour of Franz Liszt and for the benefit of the Museum. The concert is sponsored by the Institut Français Budapest. The event is also part of the Francophonie Spring Festival. More details to come.

Museum Closed on Saturday

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be closed on Saturday 1. November, 2014.

Liszt Day was a great success

On 18 October 2014, we organized a ‘Liszt Day’ with three concerts to celebrate the upcoming birthday of the great composer. This event has been a tradition in our museum since 2011.

In the morning László Váradi and Gergely Kovács, two highly talented students of the Liszt Academy performed virtuoso piano pieces which were on Liszt's repertoire as well. The concert ended with the four-hand version of the Rákóczi March - a piece Liszt almost always performed during the concerts he gave in Hungary.


The Folk Music Department of the Liszt Academy performed in the afternoon with pianist József Balog. The program was based on Liszt’s Hungarian rhapsodies and their folk music traditions.

In the evening, pianist Péter Nagy honored the memory of Liszt with pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn – these works were also played by Liszt and he transcribed them as well. Finally, the audience could hear pieces from the Historical Hungarian Portraits that Liszt had composed in his final years. All concerts were a great success, thanks to the high quality of the program and the talent of the musicians.

Liszt Day - 2014.

Opening hours on Saturday

We inform our visitors that on October 18 the Museum will be open till 7 pm.

Opening hours October 23rd

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be closed on Thursday October 23rd, 2014.

Additional information on tablets related to our temporary exhibition

We inform our guests that tablets are available in the museum which contain additional information (music, pictures, excerpts from letters) related to our temporary exhibition Liszt's Ideas on Fine Arts - Impressions without Boundaries. The tablets are free of charge, the museum staff will assist you.

Liszt Week in Esztergom 2014.

Opening hours on July 5.

We inform our visitors that this Saturday, July 5 the Museum will be open from 9 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.

Thank you.

Award of recognition to the Liszt Museum

The Collegium Corvinum in Los Angeles, the Society of Hungarian Artists, Scientists and Intellectuals of the City has awarded the achievements of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum for the second time with their Award the Silver Raven. The award with the copy of the one time arms of Matthias Corvinus is given to artists and scientists who do their best to promote Hungarian culture in Hungary and abroad, based on the decision of the Presidency of the Collegium. The founding director of the Liszt Museum received the award a few years ago in Los Angeles, and the current award was given to the present director, Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos. The Silver Raven was handed over to the director by Dr. Andrea Vígh, the Rector of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music on 21st June during the closing ceremony of the school-year. We feel honoured and thankful for the confidence of the Los Angeles Committee and are dedicated to preserve Liszt’s spirit with our continuous work in the future, too.



Opening hours on June 21

We inform our visitors that the opening hours on  June 21st, the Night of the Museums  will be 3.30 p.m. till midnight.


Museum closed on Whit Monday

We would like to inform our visitors that the Museum is closed on June 8th and 9th.

István Lajkó - piano concert

We kindly invite you to a special concert, the first Hungarian performance of Liszt's Faust Symphony transcribed by Carl Tausig for piano 2 hands, supervised by Liszt himself. The manuscript is in the Archive of the  Liszt Ferenc Museum. This performance of the symphony demands the pianist, István Lajkó an extraordinary skill. The tickets are avaible at the ticket office of the Concert Centre of the Academy of Music at 1300 HUF. The concert will take place in the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall (Vörösmarty street 35), on 31 May, at 7.30 p.m.


New temporary exhibition opens on 20 May 18:00 about Liszt and the visual arts

Liszt's Ideas on Fine Arts - Impressions without Boundaries

New temporary exhibition opens on 20 May 18:00 in the Chamber Hall of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum.

Franz Liszt had a very sensitive and at the same time creative approach to the arts. He was inspired by the different moods paintings reflected and at the same time Liszt tried to transform/translate his impression into music. Some of his important works were based on art, such as historic frescos (Kaulbach - The Battle of the Huns), oil paintings (Raphael - Sposalizio) and ink drawings (Mihály Zichy – From Cradle to the Grave). Liszt firmly believed that different forms of art can assist and strengthen one another. He had modern ideas: (even in the contemporary sense of the word) he wanted to hold a Diorama along with the première of his Dante Symphony.

The newly-opening exhibition at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum focuses partly on how Liszt was influenced and inspired by works of art and also on the huge amount of experience he gained while travelling to European cities, during which he visited several exhibitions. In his travelogues and letters, the composer gives expressive and sensitive descriptions of what he saw, how he liked it and also gives accounts of the encounters with contemporary artists. Liszt and his first partner, Marie d'Agoult, travelled to Italy several times and saw amongst other things, the Vatican Museum, the Brera in Milan, the Académie des Beux-Arts in Venice and the Medici Chapel in Florence. He gives thorough analyses of Renaissance painters and the relations between music and visual arts. When he lived in Budapest in the last five years of his life, he often visited the Műcsarnok (Art Hall) next door, attended exhibitions of great contemporaries like Mihály Munkácsy and Vasily Vereshchagin. He was also friends with the young Hungarian sculptor Alajos Strobl, who made a sitting statue of Liszt which is on the front of the Hungarian Opera House to this day. Works of a few young contemporary artists will be exhibited showing their first impressions of Liszt, Liszt’s music or Liszt and fine arts. Artists: László Antal, János Brückner, Mátyás Falvai, Áron Lakatos, Boróka Piros, Adél Hanna Tillmann, Eszter Varga-Nádas.

Travelling Exhibition in the Petőfi Literary Museum

The Petőfi Literary Museum will host the travelling exhibition Hungarian and Italian Memorial Houses, which introduces 39 Italian and 17 Hungarian Memorial buildings, among them the Liszt Memorial Museum. The exhibition opens May 15 17:30 pm. The cohost is the Associzione Case della Memoria, Italy.

The Museum is closed on 1 May

We inform our visitors that the Museum will be closed on 1 May.

We are open on May 2 and 3.

Opening hours on May 13

We inform our visitors that on Tuesday May 13 the Museum will open at 12 pm.

American Liszt Society-Newsletter-Interviews

We are pleased to announce that the newsletter editor of the American Liszt Society, Edward Rath visited Budapest last fall to take part in the opening ceremony of the Grand Hall of the Hungarian Music Academy. As he describes in his warm hearted introduction, he is always excited when he travels to Budapest, and always enjoys following the footsteps of the great composer. While in Budapest, he visited the Museum and the Academy several times and made interviews with Prof. Kálmán Dráfi, Head of the Keyboard Department of the Academy, with Maria Eckhardt the retired founding Director of the Liszt Ferenc Museum and with the present Director, Zsuzsanna Domokos. Mr. Rath was especially enthusiastic about the fact, that he had a chance to play on Liszt’s Chickering piano, describing the occasion in the following manner: “The only word that came to mind: surreal!”

You can read the whole newsletter by clicking on the link below:

The American Liszt Society has added the logo of the Liszt Museum to their website, making it a direct link to our English language home page.


We will soon make the American Liszt Society’s home page available on the Museum’s website.

National Holiday

We inform our visitors that March 15 is a national holiday in Hungary and the Museum will be closed.

Wagner Catalogue Available

We are happy to announce that the catalogue containing the material of our temporary exhibition Wagner and his Hungarian Friends is now available for sale at the Museum cashier's desk. The price is 1500 HUF.

New Items and Publications on Display in the Museum

Opening hours on Wednesday

We inform our visitors that on 26 February the Museum will be open until 3 pm.

New essay with pictures and music on our touchtable

We are pleased to inform our visitors that an interesting essay with pictures and music is now available on the touchtable installed in the bedroom-study of the Liszt Museum, as part of our temporary exhibition Wagner and His Hungarian Friends.

The transformation of Wagnerian music drama's stage design at the beginning of the 20th century is a study written by Luca Keserű, art historian. It discusses the most important reforms introduced in the period with a special focus on the concepts of two directors Adolphe Appia and László Márkus. The touchtable allows you to read the text and listen to some unique recordings collected by pianist Ferenc János Szabó: excerpts of Wagner pieces performed by musicians from 1900 to the 1930-s.

Opening hours during the holidays

We inform our visitors that the Museum opening hours will be as follows:

24-26 December – closed
27-28 December – open
29 December – closed
30 December – open
31 December, 2013 – 1 January, 2014 – closed
from 2 December – open

Original Liszt autograph purchased by the Liszt Museum Foundation

The Liszt Museum Foundation received significant financial aid from Dr. János Áder, the president of the Republic and from Judith Neszlényi, Hungarian pianist who lives in Canada. Thanks to their generous donation this week the Liszt Museum Foundation could purchase a valuable original Liszt autograph, the orchestral transcription of Schubert’s Erlkönig.

Liszt rarities

Liszt rarities were published recently from the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum’s autograph score collection from the grants received from MMA (Hungarian Academy of Arts). Liszt’s Gretchen movement from the Faust Symphony transcribed by Leopold Alexander Zellner for chamber ensemble and Liszt’s Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher (unedited version until now) were published by Budapest-Hegyvidéki Kamarazenekar with the contribution of Géza Gémesi and the assistance of András Soós. We are planning to present these publications at the beginning of 2014.

Concert in the Liszt Museum on the restored piano-orgue, 14 December 2013

The Liszt Museum will host a concert by Balázs Szabó musicologist and organist on 14 December 2013 at 6 pm.

The event is organized by the Doctoral School of the Academy.

Entrance is free.

Opening hours this week

We inform our visitors that the Museum opening hours will be as follows:

November 1, Friday - closed

November 2, Saturday - open

November 3, Sunday - closed

The Museum is closed on 23 October

We inform our visitors that the museum will be closed on 23 October.

Exhibition about memorial houses opens in Florence

The Petőfi Literary Museum and the Italian Association of Memorial Houses organise a travelling exhibition which presents 39 Italian and 17 Hungarian memorial houses during the Italian-Hungarian Year. The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum is also part of this exhibition which opens on the 4th October in Florence (Palazzo Medici Riccardi, 4 October – 27 October 2013), then goes to Rome (Pietro Canonica Museum, Villa Borghese, 21 November – 8 December 2013). According to the plans, it will be possible to see it in Hungary as well in 2014 (in Kiskőrös and Balatonfüred).

October 12, 2013 concert in the Liszt Museum on the restored piano-orgue.

The Liszt Museum will host a concert by Balázs Szabó musicologist and organist on 12 October 2013 at 6 pm,. He restored the unique piano-orgue belonging to the Liszt heritage. The audience will not only hear some beautiful pieces by Liszt and his contemporaries, but the artist will talk about the instrument and also about the most interesting phases of the renovation process. The concert is part of the Fall Festival of Museums.

The combined instrument was restored by Balázs Szabó musicologist and organist in 2012-13. Financial support came from the Swiss Stiftung Kulturgut Orgel foundation. The outside of the instrument was reinforced and all aesthetic damages were repaired. The same was done with the harmonium: some elements had to be rebuilt, especially those responsible for producing the proper sounds. The instrument had been tuned to perfection. The Celeste pedal of the piano had been removed and renovated. The renovated Prolongement in the harmonium is a very unique structure; it allows the player to hold down any note or accord while playing. What makes this even more interesting is that Liszt used this technique quite often.


The outside of the piano was also reinforced and all missing or damaged parts were reconstructed, replaced. We took especially great care to preserve all original parts that were in the instrument when Liszt played on it.



The combined instrument was made by the French Alexandre pére & fils in Paris, 1864. It is a wind (pipe??) harmonium and a piano built in one. Liszt first met Eduard Alexandre through Berlioz, and ordered two combined instruments during his career. The 7-octave piano was made by the Erard company, also a close acquaintance of Liszt, who did a lot during his Paris years to promote their instruments.

Liszt bought the biggest combined instrument made by Alexandre in 1854, the one carrying his name, the Piano-Liszt. It was taken to the music saloon of the Altenburg estate in Weimar. The first two keyboards and the first pedal of the three keyboard pedaled instrument plays the harmonium, while the third keyboard was used to play a concert piano made by Erard. The instrument has been restored and is a part of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde collection in Vienna.

Liszt first used his two keyboard combined instrument, the piano-orgue in Rome and later, in 1872 sent it to his apartment in Pest. Based on his will, the instrument became the property of the Music Academy.


Hans Richter Catalogue Online

We are glad to inform our readers that a new database has been uploaded to our website. You can now search the material (hundreds of letters, photos and drawings) of the Hans Richter Archives of Győr that has been lent to the Liszt Museum. The information is available in Hungarian.

Opening hours during the holidays
The Museum will be closed on August 18-20, and will reopen on August 21.

We would like to inform our visitors that the museum will be closed between 18-20 Aug 2013.

Thank you for your understanding.

Additional information on tablets related to our temporary exhibition Wagner and his Hungarian friends

We inform our guests that tablets are now available in the museum. They contain additional information related to our temporary exhibition Wagner and his Hungarian Friends. You can listen to excerpts Wagner operas or transcriptions by Liszt and while doing so you can look at some pictures of costume designs for operas or read about famous singers of the era. You can also enjoy some caricatures or read excerpts from letters and get additional information about the people mentioned in the exhibition. The tablets are free of charge; the museum staff will assist you.

Opening hours July 3.

We inform our visitors that on July 3rd photographers will be working in the Museum so we will close at 4 pm.

New Instrument

We came across and bought on an auction in Paris a 3 octave  Erard piano dating from around 1827 used by a young lady who was Liszt's first pupil. We would like to thank the generous offer by the Society of the Friends of the Academy who transfered the price and Ádám Bősze, who organized the whole process.

The piano will be introduced to the public during the grand opening of the Academy in October and will be exhibited here in the Museum.

Tickets now on sale for Night of the Museums

We inform our visitors that tickets and free program guides for the Night of the Museums are now available at the museum ticket counter.

Price: adults 1500 Ft., children (age 6-18) 600 Ft.

Opening hours on the 22nd June- Night of the Museums

We inform our visitors that on June 22 the museum will be open between 3.45 p.m. and midnight.

Changes regarding the Saturday Matine concerts

We would like to inform you that starting this September the Matines will be organized by the Liszt Academy Concert and Events Department. We will inform you about the names of the participants, the program and the new chanels of ticket selling as soon as it is available.

New Exhibition Opens: Wagner and his Hungarian Friends

We cordially invite our visitors to attend the opening ceremony of our new temporary exhibition.

Wagner and his Hungarian Friends

May 17. 2013  4 PM at the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall.


Opening speech by Dr. ANDRÁS BATTA, Rector of the Academy of Music



Wagner-Liszt: Festspiel und Brautlied aus Lohengrin

performed by Yohei Wakioka (piano)

Liszt: J'ai perdu ma force et mavie (Alfred de Musset)

Wagner: Wesendonck-songs No. 5, No.3

Träume, Im Treibhaus

performed by Lóránt Najbauer (song) and Ferenc János Szabó (piano)

Wagner-Liszt: Isoldens Liebestod aus Tristan und Isolde

performed by Yohei Wakioka (piano)



We would like to inform our visitors that on May 2. 2013 the museum will be closed between 1-3 PM.

Thank you for your understanding.

Opening hours during Easter

Dear Guests

The museum will be closed on Sunday, March 31. and Monday, April 1.

Musical pieces on our website

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum’s website allows the listening of musical pieces related to our current temporary exhibition, Liszt and the French musicians of his time. The musical pieces are accompanied by images (slideshows) which serve to illustrate the theme and atmosphere of the music. In order to watch these clips, please chose the "Exhibitions" from the main menu and then "Virtual tours" (from the menu options at left) and finally, press "Liszt and French musicians of his time".

Dutch audioguide

Thanks to the work of Leo Rijkaart, Dutch audioguides are available now in the museum. The audioguides provide information about our permanent collection, the home of Ferenc Liszt.

New purchase

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum has recently purchased a valuable album which contains two original letters in French written by Liszt. The addressee of these letters is the countess Irma Csáky, the wife of Jenő Semsey. Since 1870, Liszt visited Budapest frequently and he gave there several concerts as well. He met the countess Irma Csáky at one of these concerts and they performed a charitable concert together for the benefit of a Hungarian women association (Magyar Gazdasszonyok Egylete) on the 21st March 1873 in the small hall of Vigadó. The countess performed songs by Schubert, Schumann and Imre Széchenyi. The memory album of countess Irma Csáky includes contemporary German and Hungarian newspaper articles beside the two letters of Liszt and many other interesting documents, poems, drawings, remarks from the members of the Hungarian aristocracy.

Musical pieces related to our temporary exhibition: Liszt and the French musicians of his time

We are pleased to inform our visitors that it’s now possible to listen to musical pieces related to our current temporary exhibition (Liszt and the French musicians of his time) on a touchtable which is installed in our museum (study/bedroom of Liszt). The musical pieces are accompanied by images (slideshow) which serve to illustrate the theme and atmosphere of the music. Short descriptions about the musical pieces and images can be read on this touchscreen as well. 10 works are available to listen, among them 4 pieces by Liszt (Sposalizio, Il Penseroso, Fountains of the Villa d'Este, Au bord d’une source) and other 6 by French composers  like Debussy, Ravel, Berlioz, Saint-Saëns.

The Vatican version of the Gran mass

We are delighted to inform our visitors that an extraordinary CD is now for sale in the museum shop. The CD was recorded in 2010, in the town of Albano and contains a unique premiere of the Vatican version of the Gran mass, edited by Jozsef Ács. Among the performers are the Franz Liszt Chamber Choir of Eschweiler and Hungarian choirs and solists. The conductor is András Virágh. The price is 3000 forints.

Opening hours during Christmas and New Year

Dear Guests,

The museum opening hours will be as follows:

December 24-25-26 closed

December 27-28-29 open

December 30-January 1 closed

Opening hours in November


We would like to inform our Guests that our museum is open on the2nd and 3rd of November, and will be  closed on the 1st of November.



Lady Valerie Solti visited the Hungarian Academy of Music

On the 25th of October Lady Valerie Solti, widow of the world famous Hungarian conductor György Solti visited the Hungarian Academy of Music to commemorate the centenary of György Solti's birthday. She first took a tour in the Ligeti György building. Later she visited the Liszt Museum, where she received a guided tour given by the Rector of the Academy and the director of the museum. The evening was finished off with a beautiful concert given by the professors and the students of the Academy.


Lady Solti, Dr. András Batta and Zsuzsanna Domokos, the director of the museum in Liszt’s dining room.


Lady Solti, András Batta and Katalin Bogyay enter the drawing room. Lady Solti enjoyed the guided tour and thought it was an emotional moment to be standing in a building where the Maestro lived and worked.

Lady Solti was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the museum. She was amazed by the pianos, the photographs and the personal belongings of the composer.


She took several minutes to admire the painting of Liszt by Kaulbach and the grand concert piano made by Chickering with the silver music stand on it.


"Liszt, musician of the future" - birthday festival

11 a.m.

this concert relates to the periodic exhibition "Liszt and the French musicians of his time".

Piano concert of Jenő Jandó


1. Sains-Saëns: Improvisation sur la Beethoven- Cantate de F. Liszt pour le piano (premiere)
2. Liszt: Liszt: Au bord d’une source (At the spring/Pilgrim years. First year: Switzerland)
3. Debussy: Two arabesques
4. Berlioz: l’Idée fixe. Andante Amoroso
5. Saint-Saëns: Allegro appassionato, op. 70.
6. Liszt: Les Jeux d’eaux `a la Villa d’Este
7. Ravel: Jeux d’eau
8. Gounod-Liszt: Valse de l’opera Faust

Entrance fee for the matinée concert

Full price ticket: 1300 HUF

Reduced price (students, seniors): 600 HUF

Tickets can be purchased on-site.

4 p.m.

Liszt and Debussy

The harp concert of Andrea Vígh and Razvaljajeva Anasztázia

With the contribution of Emőke Baráth (singer), Vera Oross (flute), Peter Bársony (viola), Gábor Piúkovics (contrabass) and the Accord Quartet (Peter Mező, Csongor Veér, Peter Kondor, Mátyás Ölveti)



1.Debussy: Syrinx (Vera Oross, flute)

2.Debussy: Arabesque (E-major), Moonlight (Andrea Vigh, harp)

3.Debussy: Beau Soir, Nuit d'Etoiles (Emőke Baráth, singer, Razvaljajeva Anasztázia harp)

4.Debussy: Sonate pour flûte, alto et harpe (Vera Oross flute, Péter Bársony, viola, Andrea Vigh, harp)


5.Debussy: Danse sacrée et profane (Razvaljajeva Anasztázia, harp, Accord Quartet)

6.Liszt: Du bist wie eine Blume, S.287,

Wieder möcht ich dir begegnen, S.322

(Emőke Baráth, singer, Andrea Vigh harp)

7.Liszt-Renié: Le Rossignol

Liszt- Walter Kühne: paraphase of Rigoletto (Razvaljajeva Anasztázia, harp)

8.Debussy: Petit Suite (Razvaljajeva Anasztázia, Andrea Vigh, harp)



Entrance fees for the 4 p.m. concert:

Full price ticket: 3000 HUF

Reduced price (seniors, students): 1500 HUF


7 p.m.

The concert of Balázs Fülei and the Accord Quartet

(Peter Mező - violin, Csongor Veér - violin, Péter Kondor - viola, Mátyás Ölveti - cello)



1. Saint-Saëns-Liszt: Danse Macabre - the transcription of Liszt to piano

2. Liszt: Orpheus - the transcription of Saint-Saëns for piano trio

3. Liszt: Angelus – String quartet variant

4. Debussy: String quartet

5. Liszt: "Csárdás" macabre




Entrance fees for the 4 p.m. concert:

Full price ticket: 3000 HUF

Reduced price (seniors, students): 1500 HUF


Day ticket (for all thress concerts): 5000 HUF


The purchase of the ticket

For the concert at 11 a.m.: on-site

For the concert at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.: on-site or at the known ticket offices and on-line at

Reduced tickets can be validated on-site with the required identification presented.

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum can be visited free of charge on 20th Oktober 2012. with a valid ticket for a festival concert.



Invitation for the opening of our new temporary exhibition LISZT AND THE FRENCH MUSICIANS OF HIS TIME


We would like to invite our dear Guests to our new temporary exhibition

at 17:00 pm Friday, on the 19th October, 2012


to the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall (1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 35).


Opening speech by Dr. ANDRÁS BATTA, Rector of the Academy of Music

Introduction by MÁRIA ECKHARDT, curator of the exhibition

Contribution on piano by CSABA KIRÁLY, Liszt prize winner artist



Liszt: Bénédiction et serment – deux motifs de Benvenuto Cellini de Berlioz

Liszt: Unstern

Liszt: Abendglocken – from the Weihnachtsbaum series

Debussy: Suite bergamasque – 1. Prélude, 2. Menuet


On the 20th October, there is going to be a daylong Liszt birthday festival: "Liszt, musician of the

future". At the 11:00 am matinée concert, JENŐ JANDÓ is going to play works related to the



The exhibition can be seen in the middle room and in the entrance hall of the museum until the 19th

October 2013.


Digital archive


We are glad to inform our guests that the Digital Archives of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center are now available on our website, thanks to the work of the Liszt Reasearch Center. The Archives contain the brief descriptions of our own collection according to the holdings of the museum, like Liszt’s original manuscripts, letters, the annotated catalogue of his library and scores, graphics, sculptures, medals, and the other holdings. At the moment more, than 4000 items described in Hungarian and English with digital photos or coloured scans will be available on the website, that is about 75 per cent of our whole collection, which in the near future we intend to complete to give access to our entire collection. It is not necessary to log in the database in order to use it.


New periodic exhibition

We are glad to inform our dear guests that our next periodic exhibition will open the 19th October. Further information is available at the "periodic exhibitions" menu.

Filming in the museum

We want to inform our guests that due to filming on 3rd Septembre from 10:00 till 14:00 the Memorial Museum will be closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

New lighting in the museum

We are glad to inform our Guests that last week we finished the installment of the new illumination of the museum according to the modern  museum requirements, which was carried out with the help of the Technical Department of the Liszt Ferenc  Academy of Music by the All Light firm. This way our exhibits bacame even more spectacular, which can be seen on our photos attached.

We express our thanks to everybody involved in this project.

Maintenance works in the summer

The opening hours of the museum of the next week will follow the schedule of the works: on Monday, 13th August we shall be open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., from 14th to 16th August we shall be closed. In the case the renovation in the museum could not be finished by 16th August, we shall inform our guests about the closing time on 17th August.

Thank you for your understanding: the Direction of the Museum

Esztergom Liszt Week - ticket

We inform our Guests that from today on we sell the tickets in the museum for the Esztergom Liszt Week.

On-line ticket see hier.

Esztergom Liszt Week

We want to inform our dear guests the the 5th Esztergom Liszt week will be held from 20th till 26th August. The detailed programme can be found here.

Maintenance works in the summer

We want to inform our visitors that from 13th till 16th August the Memorial Museum will be closed. From 17th August we welcome our guests during the regular opening hours.


We want to inform our dear visitors that due to a powerbreak on 21st June 2012 the Memorial Museum will be open from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Thank you for your understanding.

Open hours on 16th June

We want to inform our dear visitors that on 6th June the Memorial Museum will be open from 4 p.m. when our Night of the Museum programme is starting. Armband are available from 3 p.m. on the ground floor.

Night of the Museums armband

We want to inform our dear guests that the armbands for the Night of the Museums are available at the Memorial Museum's cashier!

Chinese audioguide

We want to inform our dear guests that from now on Chinese language is also available on our audioguides. A small sample can be listened to by clicking here.

Holiday on 1st May

We would like to inform our visitors that on 30th April and 1st May the Memorial Museum will be closed.

Touchtable in the Memorial Museum

We are glad to inform our dear guests that in the lobby of the Old Academy of Music where our periodic exhibitions can be seen, a new informative touchtable is available.

With the help 10 different cards the visitors can learn about Liszt's life in 10 different periods with texts and pictures in English and Hungarian language. The instructions are available on the touchtable and requires no IT qualifications. Tha cards can are available at the cloak room - please return it after use.

The use of the touchtable is free.

The tool was creatied by Hungarofest for the Liszt jubilee last year from the image archives of the Memorial Museum.

The prolongation of the Liszt and Budapest exhibition

We inform our dear guests that due to technical issues our periodic exhibition, 'Liszt and Budapest' will last till 20th October 2012.

Our next periodic exhibition, 'Liszt and the French composers' will open around Liszt's birthday anniversary in October.

Opening hours during the holidays

We want to inform all of our guests that on 15th and 16th March the Memorial Museum will be closed.

This applies also to 9th, 30th April and 1st May.

Thank you for your understanding.

Definitive prices at the Museum

Compared with our bulletin at the beginning of February the prices are different from the ones we use from now on.

At the end of Fenruary the seats in the Chamber Hall were tagged with numbers which makes the seat reservation way more easier, however, this made the introduction of concert tickets necessary which are not to be mixed up with the museum tickets. Nonetheless, the price of both tickets is the same: the full price ticket is 1300 HUF and the reduced price is 600 HUF.

From the concert at 24th March we introduce the seat tickets available for only the concert, not the museum. Those who want to visit the Musum have to purchase a museum ticket.

We also introduce a combined ticket for the concert AND the museum. The full price will be 2000 HUF, the reduced 1000 HUF.

The prices of the season tickets didn't change. The full price of the season ticket for three concert is 3500 HUF, the reduced is 1500 HUF.

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased at the cashier of the Musum.


New audioguide languages are available

We are glad to inform you that from 14th February two more audioguide languages (Polish and Spanish) can be purchased at the Memorial Museum.

A preview is available by clicking here.

Price changes from 1st March

Our entrance fees will change from 1st March on. The entrance fee will be 1300 HUF instead of 900 HUF, the reduced fee will be 600 HUF instead of 450 HUF. The entrance fee of the guests with Budapest Card will also change from 1st of April on. Our individual guests can attend our concerts with the entrance ticket of the museum in the future, too. For the groups interested in our concerts, we can offer two possibilities: if the group wishes to listen to the concert only, it will cost 2000 HUF/person, and if they want to visit the museum and the concert, too, they pay 2600 HUF/person. The groups of studens and those of pensioners can attend the concert with the entrance ticket of the museum. The prices of the visits booked until February 3,  will remain the same we agreed on before, but further bookings will be accepted according to the new conditions.

Thank you for you kind attention and understanding!

The Direction of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music and the Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum

Liszt calendar discount

From now on, Liszt calendars on a 1300 HUF discount prize can be purchased at the Memorial Museum's cashier.

Open hours during the Holidays

The open hours of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum will be the following:

  • 23rd December: open, closed form 16:00
  • 24-27th December: closed
  • 28-30th December: open
  • 31st December-1st January: closed
  • 2nd January: open


Liszt concert at the Opera House

Dear visitors!

The Academy of Music will hold a concert at the Opera House on 21st November at 19:30. The income of the concert will aid the restoration workd of the famous organ built by Voidt. The price of a ticket is 1500 HUF but if you want to support the restorations, donations are welcome to this bank account:

Zeneakadémia Baráti Köre Egyesület HUF -UNICREDIT BANK 10918001-00000414-43030005.


Further information is available at our associates: Mária Sulyok (, Krisztina Tötös ( and Yvette Mondok (

Open hours during the festival

Dear Visitors,

the museum will be closed on 30th, 31st October and on 1st November.

Memorial coin of Ferenc Liszt

The National Bank of Hungary and the Memorial Museum of Ferenc Liszt is inviting you to the ceremonial presentation of the Liszt memorial coin. The coin is issued in accordance with the three day long Birthday Festival of the Memorial Museum.


Time and date: 2011.10.21. 13:00

Presenter: Dr. András Simor, head of communications, National Bank of Hungary

Location: Chamber Hall, Old Academy of Music, 1061 Budapest, Vörösmarty street 35.


Liszt and arts

On 1st October 2011 an exhibition of great dimensions, named "Liszt and co-arts",  will open at the Institution of Musicology of the Academy of Science. A exhibition's main curator is Mária Eckhardt research director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre. More information is available at the Institution of Musicology's homepage.


Dear visitors,

from 19th Septembre the Memorial Museum's poster exhibition of Liszt is once again available in a limited amount. PLease submit your applications to Klára Somogyi ( or Adam Kirkósa (

Open hours on 3rd September

Dear visitors,

due to the two concerts on 3rd September the Memorial Museum is open from 10:00 till 19:00.

Open hours on 5th September

Dear visitors,


due to technical issues on 5th September we will be open from 10:00 till 16:00.

New York Times article

An unconventional, 36 hours long tourism commendatory came out in the weekend volume of The New York Time mentioning the Memorial Museum. The article can be read by clicking here.

Liszt Week in Esztergom - tickets

Dear visitors!

We kindly let you know that from the 1st of August tickets for the Liszt Week in Esztergom are availabel at our cashier's.

Birthday festival of Liszt

The participants of the three day long festival are mainly artists whose presence is important to the Academy of Music and the Liszt Museum, meaning: they had a concert in the museum and with their free of charge performance they made the museum’s programme unique. The Dezső Ránki-Edit Klukon, Mónika Egri-Attila Pertis couples, Jenő Jandó, Gergely Bogányi and István Lajkó are all supporters of the museum for a long time. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the academical teachers, the festival could come into existence with the aim to celebrate Liszt’s birthday together in his former home. The leading idea of the festival is about to connect the compositions built on the Faust-theme. The presentation of unknown variation from manuscripts mainly kept in Hungary is another feature of the festival.

Detailed programme is available by clicking on the appropiate day:

  • First day (21st October)
  • Second day (22nd October)
  • Third day (23rd Ocotber)

Tickets are available from 10th Septembre 2011 on the spot or ticket bureaus and on-line. Further information regarding the ticket purchase will be available soon. The prices of the tickets are the following: fill price ticket 4000 HUF, pensioner/student ticket: 2000 HUF. As usual, the matinée concerts are accessable with a ticket to the Museum.

Liszt festival in October

The three day long festival can’t grant opportunity for those who want to celebrate Liszt with a performance at his home so during October every Saturday-concert will be about Liszt’s works.  Thus the museum will also arrange a Liszt-festival in October which includes the birthday-festival. The festival in October will be opened by Yohei Wakioka's recital, following Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra with the contribution of István Lajkó. On the third Saturday of October will be the Liszt-day which will be organized with the Liszt Association. The Liszt Museum and the Liszt Association were always co-operating in the promotion of Liszt’s spirit. The artists of the Liszt Association’s management – István Lantos, Sándor Falvai – are also those who contributed a lot in the museum’s life with their performance and other work.

The detailed programme of the Saturday-festival can be accessed by clicking on the appropiate date:


Dezső Ránki's recital on 3d September

Dezső Ránki's recital of late piano works by Liszt, having been planned for the matinée concert 1st October will be held on 3d September  at  7.30 p.m. The concert can be attendended with the entrance ticket of the museum (900 Ft) avaible at the museum. The program can be found in the "Concerts" menu.

Preliminary Programme of the Conference “Liszt and the Arts”


Preliminary Programme of the Conference Liszt and the Arts”

(Budapest, November 18th - 20th 2011)

organized by the

Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre of the Liszt Academy of Music

(Liszt Ferenc University of Music)


Thursday 17th November – pre-Conference programme

14.00 – 17.00 Institute for Musicology, Bartók Hall

Open session of the working group of the international UNESCO project Liszt's concerts in European countries”. Report on current progress of the project.

17.00 -19.00 Registration for the conference

An opportunity to view the exhibition Liszt and the Arts” in the Museum of Music History, which will extend its opening time until 19.00

19.00 Bartók Hall

Piano recital by Valerie Tryon (Canada) on Bartók's Bösendorfer piano. Works by Liszt, Dohnányi and Bartók (public concert)

After the concert welcome drinks in the Haydn Hall


Friday 18th November – first day of the Conference

Venues of the opening and plenary sessions: Institute for Musicology, Bartók Hall; venues of the sectional sessions: A - Bartók Hall, B - Kodály Hall.

We estimate that papers read at the plenary sessions will last 30 minutes, and those read at the sectional sessions 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion.

8.30 Registration for the conference

9.00 Opening of the conference. Speeches of welcome

9.30 Plenary session, 3 papers

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Two sectional sessions, each of 3 papers

12.45 Lunch

14.30 Plenary session, 2 papers

15.30 Coffee

16.00 Two sectional sessions, each of 4 papers

17.50 buffet supper in the Haydn Hall

19.30 Concert in the Matthias Church, works by Liszt



Saturday 19th November – second day of the Conference

Venues: morning in the Old Music Academy, afternoon in the Institute for Musicology

9.00 A bus will take participants from the conference hotel to the Old Music Academy, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

9.30 An opportunity to view the permanent exhibition of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum with demonstrations of the instruments (guided by Zsuzsanna Domokos and Mária Eckhardt )

10.15 An opportunity to view the Liszt Museum's exhibition Liszt and Budapest” (guided by Zsuzsanna Domokos)

11.00 Matinée concert at the museum: works by Liszt for women's choir and harp

11.15 Transfer by bus to the new building of the Liszt Academy of Music at 52 Wesselényi street. A guided tour of the building with lunch. Return by bus, via a short sightseeing tour of the city, to the Institute for Musicology.

15.00 Plenary session, 2 papers

16.00 Coffee

16.20 Two sectional sessions, each of 4 papers

18.00 Buffet supper in the Haydn Hall

19.00 Presentation of the exhibition Liszt and the Arts”. During the presentation a short recital on the Erard piano restored for the exhibition and a short film presentation by Ophra Yerusalmi


Sunday 20th November – third day of the Conference

9.30 Plenary session, 2 papers

10.30 Two sectional sessions, each of 3 papers

11.45 Coffee

12.10 Two sectional sessions, each of 2 papers

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Plenary session, 2 papers

16.00 Coffee

16.20 Two concurrent sessions, each of 2 papers

17.10 Plenary session: final paper and closing speech


Final supper available (at one's own expense) at a restaurant, for those who wish to go


Detailed programme and list of participants

See the special lists below


Conference venues:

Institute for Musicology, H-1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály u. 7

(Bartók Hall, Kodály Hall, Haydn Hall, Museum of Music History

Old Music Academy, H-1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 35

(Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall)


Conference hotel:

Hotel Budapest (1026 Budapest II, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 47)

Conference hotel price: single room 50 EUR/night, double room: 60 EUR/night.

Visitors who wish to reserve a hotel room for this special conference price, should do it through the Conference Organization Office in the Institute for Musicology. For conference lecturers, hotel rooms will be offered and reserved automatically for 4 nights; only special wishes have to be announced at the Conference Organization Office.


Registration, fees:

Visiting all conference sessions is free. Participation at special programmes such as concerts, exhibitions and receptions is possible for a registration fee of 50 Euros. You should announce your intention in forward at the Conference Organisation Office, but the fee is to be paid only on the spot at the registration. For conference lectures, no fee is to be paid.


Connection: (Conference Organisation Office) (professional matters only)


Liszt and the Arts: International Interdisciplinary Conference


Liszt and the Arts: International Interdisciplinary Conference

Budapest, November 18–20, 2011

Preliminary schedule of papers (Stand: July 15, 2011)


November 18, Friday

9:00 a.m.

Opening ceremony

Walker, Alan: Liszt as the Cultural Ambassador of the 19th century

Szegedy-Maszák, Mihály: The Literary Canon of F. Liszt

Mueller, Rena Charnin: Prepositions, Prefaces, and Pericopes:  Liszt’s Extra-Musical Looking Glass

11:30 a.m.

Session A

Session B

Kregor, Jonathan: Forging "Paganinis of the Piano": Nineteenth-Century Traditions of Artistic Mimesis

Lelièvre, Stéphane: Quand Franz Liszt fait de George Sand l’héritière d’E.T.A. Hoffmann

Kovács, Imre: Homage to Beethoven in Danhauser’s painting Erinnerung an Liszt

Montemagno, Giuseppe: Les Fleurs du Mal. Franz Liszt et M. d’Agoult, sources d’inspiration pour George Sand

Stegemann, Michael & Stahl M., Christina: ’Hexenmeister’ und ’Titan’ – Franz Liszt und Ludwig van Beethoven: Eine vergleichende Ikonographie

Gracza, Lajos: Daniel Sterns Abschiedsgedicht an Franz Liszt

2:30 p.m.

Gut, Serge: Des Harmonies poétiques et religieuses de Lamartine à celles de Franz Liszt

Altenburg, Detlef: Liszt and the spirit of Weimar

4 p.m.

Session A

Session B

Kaczmarczyk, Adrienne: The Chant of the Anchorites (To the sources of „Ce qu’on entend sur la montagne”)

Brussee, Albert: The Mazeppa-sketch from Sketchbook N6 of Franz Liszt

Winkler, Gerhard: Tasso-Spiegelungen. Byron – Goethe – Liszt

Bloom, Peter: Berlioz and Liszt “in the Locker Room”

Fallon-Ludwig, Sandra: Narrative Inspiration in Liszt’s Symphonic Poems: The Cases of Hunnenschlacht and Tasso, lamento e trionfo

Reynaud, Cécile: Présentation d’une édition critique du texte de Liszt: Berlioz et sa symphonie Harold

Liu, Yen-Ling: Listening as Gazing: Synaesthesia and the Double Apotheosis in Franz Liszt’s Hunnenschlacht

Le Diagon-Jacquin, Laurence: Le texte sur « Le Persée de Benvenuto Cellini » de Liszt: un manifeste artistique?

November 19, Saturday

3 p.m.

Dalmonte, Rossana: Rethinking the influence of Italian poetry and music on the young Liszt

Redepenning, Dorothea: Liszt und die bildende Kunst – systematische Überlegungen

4:20 p.m.

Session A

Session B

Domokos, Zsuzsanna: Gretchen’s figure in Liszt’s musical interpretation

Pastor Comín, Juan José: Revisiting Petrarch’s Sonnets: Franz Liszt’s Hermeneutical Readings

Moysan, Bruno: Liszt, lecteur antimoderne de Faust

Navarrini dell’Atti, Lucia & Annarosa Vannoni: L’oeuvre de Dante Alighieri: une source d’inspiration pour Augusta Holmès et Franz Liszt

Dufetel, Nicolas: „Qu’est-ce que l’Art ?” Nouvel essai esthétique. Liszt, la marquise de Blocqueville et le traité esthétique inédit de la princesse Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Mitsopoulou, Evangelia: Liszt’s Dante Symphony, a “multimedia” innovative work and Genelli’s paintings

Lacchè, Mara: „L’esprit de la statue me parlait.   La dimension apollonienne de la sculpture dans l’imaginaire musical Lisztien

Baranyi Anna : Fülöp Ö. Beck’s Liszt interpretation in his 1911 series of plaquettes

November 20, Sunday

9:30 a.m.

Hamburger Klára: Trois odes funèbres

Grabócz Márta: The aesthetical concept of 'Memento mori' (or 'Vanitas') and the works of F. Liszt

11 a.m.

Session A

Session B

Merrick, Paul: “Christ’s mighty shrine above His martyr’s tomb.” Byron, and Liszt’s journey to Rome

Yu, Grace: Intermediality and Liszt’s Il Pensieroso

Cannata, David Butler: Acolyte & Rubrician: Liszt and the Art of Liturgy

Vester, Anne: „Der Himmel weiß! in welchem Geistesstall er sein nächstes Steckenpferd finden wird“ - Liszts Interesse an den Schönen Künsten mit den Augen Heines gesehen

Pesce, Dolores: The “Individual” in Johann Friedrich Overbeck’s and Franz Liszt’s Seven Sacraments

Storino, Mariateresa: The neverending story: Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher



Watzatka, Ágnes: Puszta, Hussaren und Zigeunermusik: Franz Liszt und das Heimatbild von Nikolaus Lenau

Deere, Joanne: A New Perspective on Liszt’s Hamlet

Dullea, Rhoda: Populism and Nationalism in Liszt’s Des Bohémiens et de leur musique en Hongrie

Boenke, Patrick: Collapse and dismantlement – On form and dramaturgy in Liszt's late symphonic poem From the Cradle to the Grave

3 p.m.

Haine, Malou: L’éducation par l’art selon Liszt (basé sur les lettres de Liszt à Marie von Sayn-Wittgenstein)

Loos, Helmut: Liszt, Mendelssohn und die Künste (im Spiegel der Briefe Mendelssohns)

16:20 p.m.

Session A

Session B

Francis, Suzanne: Liszt at the Piano: The Impact of Iconography on mid-Nineteenth Century Musicology

Zicari, Ida: Liszt's music interpreted by choreographers

Keeling, Geraldine: Liszt at the Piano: Two American Pianos and Two American Artists (2 paintings: Chickering/Healy 1868, Steinway/Johansen 1919)

Windhager Ákos Károly: Cine-fantasies on Liebestraum Nr. 3

5:10 p.m.

Taruskin, Richard: Liszt and bad taste

Eckhardt, Mária: Closing words


Invited Lecturers of Plenary Sessions


Invited Lecturers of Plenary Sessions:


1. Altenburg, Detlef (Dir. Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar & Universität Jena, DE)


2. Dalmonte, Rossana (Dir. Istituto Liszt, Bologna, IT)


3. Grabócz Márta (Prof. Université de Strasbourg, FR)


4. Gut, Serge (Prof. em. Université de Paris-Sorbonne, FR)


5. Hamburger Klára (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HU)


6. Haine, Malou (Prof. Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE)


7. Loos, Helmut (Prof. Universität Leipzig, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, DE)


8. Mueller, Rena Charnin (Ass. Prof. New York University, Dep. Of Music, USA)


9. Redepenning, Dorothea (Prof. Universität Heidelberg, DE)


10. Szegedy-Maszák Mihály (Prof. Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU)


11. Taruskin, Richard (Prof. University of Berkeley, USA)


12. Walker, Alan (Prof. em. MacMaster University, Hamilton, CA)


Lecturers of Section Sessions (in alphabetical order)


1. Baranyi Anna (Dir., Museum of Music History, Institute of Musicology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HU)


2. Bloom, Peter (Prof. of Humanities, Department of Music, Smith College, Northhampton MA, US)


3. Boenke, Patrick (Senior Lecturer, Institut für Analysis, Theorie und Musikgeschichte, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Wien, AT)


4. Brussee, Albert (Prof. of Piano, Royal Conservatory, The Hague, NL)


5. Cannata, David B. (Prof., Temple University, Philadelphia)


6. Cormac-Deere, Joanne (University of Birmingham, UK)


7. Domokos Zsuzsanna (Dir., Liszt Academy of Music, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre, Budapest, HU)


8. Dufetel, Nicolas (Institut für Musikwissenschaft Weimar-Jena (Humboldt-Stiftung) / Professor at the Conservatory Angers, DE/ FR)


9. Dullea, Rhoda   (Music Lecturer, University College, Cork, IE)


10. Fallon-Ludwig, Sandra (Brandeis University, US)


11. Francis, Suzanne (University of East Anglia, Norwich, GB)


12. Gracza Lajos (Dir. Liszt-Archiv Göppingen-Budapest, DE-HU)


13. Kaczmarczyk Adrienne (Ass. Prof., Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest)


14. Keeling, Geraldine (Co-Director Los Angeles Piano Competition, San Gabriel, California, US)


15. Kovács Imre (Ass. Prof., Department of Art History, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, HU)


16. Kregor, Jonathan (Ass. Prof., University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, US)


17. Lacchè, Mara (Prof., Università de Macerata / OMF, Université de Paris-IV Sorbonne (IT-FR)


18. Le Diagon-Jacquin, Laurence (Music Lecturer, Université de Rennes, FR)


19. Lelièvre, Stéphane (Litterature Lecturer, Université de. Paris-IV Sorbonne, l’IUFM de Paris, FR)


20. Liu, Yen-Ling (Ass. Prof., College of Charleston, SC – US)


21. Merrick, Paul (Lecturer, Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – HU/GB)


22. Mitsopoulou, Evangelia (Music High School of Thessaloniki/Greece, Fulbright Scholar Virginia Tech - GR/US)


23. Montemagno, Giuseppe (Catania – doctorandus Paris-Sorbonne IV, IT/FR)


24. Moysan, Bruno (Music Lecturer, Institut d’Etudes Politiques à Paris, FR)


25a-b Navarrini dell’Atti, Lucia (Music Lecturer, IT) & Annarosa Vannoni (Biblioteca del Conservatorio e dell’Archivio Storico di Bologna, IT)


26 Pastor Comín, Juan José (Ass. Prof., Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, ES)


27. Pesce, Dolores (Prof., Music Dep. Washington University St. Louis, Missouri, US)


28. Reynaud, Cécile (Bibliothèque Nationale, Département de la Musique, Paris, FR)


29a-b. Stegemann, Michael (Technische Universität Dortmund, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, DE) & Stahl M., Christina (Musikjournalistin, DE)


30. Storino, Mariateresa (Istituto Liszt, Bologna – Conservatorio di Musica L. Marenzio, Brescia – IT)


31. Vester , Anne (Universität Köln, DAAD Stipendiatin Bartók Archiv, Budapest, DE/HU )

32. Watzatka Ágnes (Liszt Academy of Music, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre, Budapest – HU)


33. Windhager Ákos Károly (Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU)


34. Winkler, Gerhard (Burgenländisches Landesmuseum, Eisenstadt – AT)


35. Yu, Grace (Lecturer, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts – HK)


36. Zicari, Ida (Prof. of Piano, Conservatory of Music, Trapani – IT)



Liszt week in Esztergom

The posters and programme of the Liszt Week can be downloadad here.

Night of the Museums 2011.

Night of the Museums 16.00 - 24.00

Nicolas Namoradze (piano)

Liszt: Études d'exécution transcendante
No. 1  in C major ,"Preludio"
No. 3  in F major,  "Paysage"
No.10  in F minor
No. 11 in D flat major,  "Harmonies du soir" 
Sonata in B minor

Róbert Mandel: Wonderful music instruments from Liszt's era

Nicolas Namoradze playing  on the original individual keyboard instruments
of the Liszt Museum

Liszt's  "pilgrimage" in  his  native country
József Balog (piano) and the Folk Musik Ensemble of the Liszt Academy
The  Hungarian Rhapsodies of Liszt  -
Tunes, melodies - recruiting dance and csardas - sources and variations
in the Hungarian  folklore

Visit in the  Liszt Museum at the sounds of Liszt's original instruments
(ca. 40 min.)

Palotache, the fashionable (slow and stately) Hungarian dance of Liszt's era,
and Hungarian  folk dances
Performance of the students of the Hungarian  Dance Academy

Zita Szemere  (soprano),  SzilviaVörös  (mezzo soprano)
Gabriella Gyökér  (piano)
Im Rhein, im schönen Strome
Es war ein König in Thule
Freudvoll und leidvoll
Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam
Es muss ein Wunderbares sein
Otto Nicolai: Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor - "Nein, das ist wirklich doch zu keck"
Gaetano Donizetti: La Favorita   - aria of Leonora
Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus (The Bat) - Prince Orlovsky's Toast

"Liszt and Budapest"
Visit in the temporary exhibition under the guidance of the curator
Ms. Zsuzsanna  Domokos, director of the Liszt Museum ( ca. 20 min.)
Visit in the Research Library of the Liszt Museum
guided by Ms. Klára Gulyás Somogyi,  leading librarian (ca. 30 min.)

Zoltán Fejérvári  and  János Palojtay  (piano)
Weinen, Klagen Variations
Vallée d'Obermann
Mosonyis  Grabgeleit
Wagner - Liszt: Isoldes Liebestod
Schubert: Divertissement à la hongroise

Before and between the items of the program
Tamás   Kovács  (trumpet)
performs fanfares on the balcony of the Museum

Open hours 24th June

We would like to inform you that on 24th June due to the "Night of the Museums" event, the Memorial Museum will be opened from 15:00 till 0:00.

Liszt-festival in Esztergom

Once again the Liszt-festival will take place in Esztergom this summer on the last week of August. The detailed programme and the informations on the tickets will be displayed on our page.


Course at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

On 5th May 2011. several Liszt-researchers of the Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Centre gave a successfull lecture in the context of the Liszt-day at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Open hours in May

Dear Visitors!

We would like to inform you that due to great interest, from 8th May the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum will also be opened on Sundays from 9:00 to 17:00 for four weeks.

Dear visitors! Please notice that we can register group visitations only if they inform us 5 days before. Thank you for your understanding.

22. May (Sunday) - Open
23. May (Monday) - Closed

29. May (Sunday) - Open
30. May (Monday) - Open

During this four weeks we will be closed on Mondays.

Informative about our matinée concerts

Under the terms of the decision of the directorate of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, from 15th of February 2011 strict new rules are in force concerning the use of the concert hall at the Old Academy of Music. The reason is that after the tragic accident at Nyugati square in January, the authorities now rigorously check that the number of people in the audience does not exceed the permitted capacity of the concert hall.

Our hall is authorized  to seat 132 people, which means that this is the number of  the seats in the auditorium. Placing supplementary seats and the use of side seats is forbidden in the future unfortunately.

Since  tickets can be bought two weeks in advance at the museum's cash-desk, we kindly ask you to book your tickets in time. For your information, the performers provide their list of guests with complimentary tickets no later than the day before the concert.

Also the first 30 members of the Friends of the Liszt Academy of Music can receive free tickets only if they indicate their requirements no later than the day before the concert. Furthermore, in all cases a membership card must be shown.

In this way our colleagues at the cash desk will always know the number of  free seats, and  they will sell tickets accordingly.

We can no longer reserve a free seat for those who are not able to occupy their seat by 11.00 a.m.

We hope you appreciate these changes, which have been made in the interests of  your safety and comfort.