The Liszt Museum Joined the Francophone Festival for the Third Time

This was the 3rd yearthe Liszt Museum joined the Francophone Festival with two concerts. The first event was a Hungarian concert premiere on 4 March when Evangelia Mitsopoulous played the 2 hand piano version of Liszt’s Dante Symphony transcribed by Carl Tausig along with a multimedia show of the Bonaventura Genelli illustrations she found during her research in Weimar. She also performed Preludes of Debussy and the work of a Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis: Night without a moon.

Our most important guests were His Excellency the ambassador of France, Mr. Éric Fournier and His Excellency the ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitrios Letsios, who gave financial support to the concert.

On 11 March an excellent French pianist Maxime Zecchini gave a concert in the Chamber Hall where the French ambassador, Éric Fournier was again our guest.

Zecchini’s concert was special, because he performed some rare pieces written for left hand, for example the work of a Liszt contemporary French virtuoso Charles-Valentin Alkan and some of his own transcriptions: the Miserere scene of Verdi’s The Troubadour and a wonderful performance of the transcription of Ravel’s Concerto for left hand.