23 diplomatic spouses at the Liszt Museum

At the end of March VIP guests visited again our museum. On that occasion diplomatic spouses were our guests. The program realised in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina in Budapest was attended by 23 female diplomats representing almost all regions of the world. Cecilia Scalisi, Musicologist and wife of the Argentine Embassador, responsible for cultural and social activities of the organization DSB (Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest) in cooperation with the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center organized the visit of the diplomatic spouses. The program consisted in 3 parts: the first was the presentation about the relationship between Ferenc Liszt and Hungary given by the director of the museum, Zsuzsanna Domokos; the following part was the piano concert performed by László Váradi, student of the Keyboard and Harp Department of the Music Academy; as the final act of the event Patricia Keszler, Communication Officer of the museum offered a guided tour for the visitors emphasizing the personality of the Hungarian composer. The VIP visitors as a special gift had the opportunity to see for some minutes the recently disclosed Liszt manuscripts as part of the varied program.