Unknown versions of Liszt’s works from the archives of the Liszt Museum, Budapest

23 November 2021

Author: Domokos Zsuzsanna

Editor: Hajdú Lívia

Featured artists: Halmai Katalin, Homoki Gábor, Jandó Jenő, Kelemen Barnabás, Kokas Dóra, Lajkó István, Lantos István, Szokolay Balázs, Szőke Diána, Vigh Andrea

Producer: Lakatos Gergely

Publisher: Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem

Year: 2021

For several years, the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music has sought to draw the attention to the rare, unpublished manuscripts held in its collections. The value of these mostly unknown manuscripts is all the greater, since these transcriptions of works by Liszt were either made by the composer himself or he sanctioned them by only asking for minor revisions. Thus, each of these versions can, to a certain extent, be considered an authentic Liszt work. This digibook consists of a DVD and a study. In the recordings, made by the AVISO Studio, the works are performed by professors of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, while the accompanying texts give information on both the works and performers in four languages (HU, EN, DE, FR).

Recorded transcriptions:

Liszt Ferenc – Carl Tausig: Faust Symphony, transcription for piano solo

Liszt Ferenc – Leopold Alexander Zellner: “Gretchen” movement of the Faust Symphony, transcription for violin, viola, violoncello, piano, harp and harmonium

Liszt Ferenc – Friedrich Wilhelm Stade: “Gretchen” movement of the Faust Symphony, transcription for piano and harmonium

Liszt Ferenc: Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher, dramatic scene with accompaniment for piano-orgue