2017. augusztus 26. 19.00-21.00

Régi Zeneakadémia, Kamaraterem

Folk music concert of the ELK Chamber Orchestra & Liszt Academy A Zeneakadémia saját szervezésű programja

Parting at Yangguan

Moonlight River in Spring

Jackdaw Playing with Water

The Moon over a Fountain

Song of Sickliness

Spin Song

Night Club

Nostalgy Song

Old Six Beats

-;-Liu Sijia (zhonghu); Renjie (zheng); He Qingsong (xiao)

Li Yashi (zheng); Li Yuxin (pipa)

Liu Sijia (touxian); Li Ye (tihu); Gai yaoxu (yehu); Yuan Wenjing (zhonghu); Li Yashi (muyu); Di Yang (daruan); Li Yuxin (pipa); He Qingsong (di); Ren Jie (zheng); Huang Dongni (yangqin)

Li Miaoshuo (zhonghu); Li Yuxin (pipa); Renjie (zheng); Di Yang (zhongruan); He Qingsong (xiao); Yue Fangji (yangqin)

Yan Yuejiao, Chen Fanghui, Lu Mengqi, Liu Sijia, Gai Yaoxu, Zuo Yangyang (erhu); Yuan Wenjing, Li Ye, Li Miaoshuo (zhonghu)

Liu Sijia (erhu); Di Yang (zhongruan)

Lu Mengqi (erhu); Han Yuanchun (yangqin); Di Yang (zhongruan)

Wang Min (zongora); Liu Sijia, Zuo Yangyang (erhu); Li Ye (zhonghu); Yue Fangji (yangqin); He Qingsong (di); Li Yuxin (pipa); Li Yashi (zheng)

Wang Min (zongora); Liu Sijia, Gai Yaoxu, Lu Mengqi, Li Miaoshuo, Yan Yuejiao, Li Ye, Chen Fanghui, Zuo Yangyang (erhu)
ELK Chamber Orchestra was funded in 2016. Members of the ELK Chamber Orchestra are students and professors of the most prestigious conservatoires of China, including the China Conservatory of Music and Capital Normal University College of Music. Besides leading successful individual careers, the young musicians, as members of the ensemble, are all devoted to the same cause: to promote Chinese traditional music culture and the traditional values upon which contemporary practices rest. Besides performing traditional Chinese pieces, they include contemporary works into their repertoire with pleasure.
The concert is the closing event of the 4-day folk music workshop - during which ELK members take part in folk music classes as well as a Kodály Method introductory course with the guidance of acknowledged professors of the Liszt Academy, namely Edina Barabás, Balázs Vizeli, Zoltán Juhász and András Berecz.


Entry is free.