Museum education workshops

20 February 2023

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum offers a variety of museum educational activities for all ages, including interactive guided tours. We present Franz Liszt's former home, instruments, books, sheet music and personal objects in an experiential way for children, and then, according to the needs and interests of the visiting group of students, we make the time spent in the museum a memorable experience with the help of various games.

For school groups

Memory game (15-20 minutes)

 Activity (15-20 min)

 Treasure hunt in the museum (15-20 minutes)

 Quizzes (15-20 minutes)

 Multiple games in small groups (60 minutes)

 Thematic-musical presentations 60 minutes)


The role of the conductor

Instruments of the symphony orchestra

Ferenc Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. II in cartoons

The Lisztomania

Liszt and contemporary art

 Liszt and contemporary composers

19th century fashion - demonstration and dressing up in period costumes


For pre-school groups


Memory game (15-20 minutes)

Treasure hunt in the museum (15-20 minutes)

"Look spot the difference" - game with pictures of Liszt by Kriehuber (15-20 minutes)

"Put Liszt's portraits in chronological order" (15-20 minutes)

 Puzzles with Liszt-related pictures (15-20 minutes)

The 19th century fashion - presentation  and dressing up in period costumes (30 minutes)

Musical activities (45 minutes)

Musical improvisation with percussion instruments


Guided tour:

Our museum education sessions start with a short guided tour (usually 30-40 minutes, longer if required), when a member of the museum staff will show you the apartment of Franz Liszt: the entrance hall, the dining room, the study- and bedroom and the salon, where Liszt taught the students of the Music Academy. The guide tells the story of Franz Liszt, who used his Budapest apartment as president and professor of piano at the Academy of Music in the last years of his life, from 1881 to 1886. Objects of particular interest to children will be highlighted, such as a glass piano, a composing desk, portraits of family members and a silver music stand. During the guided tour, children can ask questions and get a close-up look at the furnishings of the museum. 



Zsuzsanna Kovács

+36 1 342-7320 / 113


Museum educators:


Lilla Bokor

Hanna Jereb

Zsuzsanna Kovács

Dóra Szlávik

Magdolna Laczkó-Pető




Guided tour of the museum in Hungarian (discounted student ticket): 1500 HUF / person.

Educational programme with a guided tour: 2000 HUF / person

Free of charge for accompanying teachers.


Guided tours and and programmes available in English, German, French, Italian.