American Liszt Society-Newsletter-Interviews

11 March 2014

We are pleased to announce that the newsletter editor of the American Liszt Society, Edward Rath visited Budapest last fall to take part in the opening ceremony of the Grand Hall of the Hungarian Music Academy. As he describes in his warm hearted introduction, he is always excited when he travels to Budapest, and always enjoys following the footsteps of the great composer. While in Budapest, he visited the Museum and the Academy several times and made interviews with Prof. Kálmán Dráfi, Head of the Keyboard Department of the Academy, with Maria Eckhardt the retired founding Director of the Liszt Ferenc Museum and with the present Director, Zsuzsanna Domokos. Mr. Rath was especially enthusiastic about the fact, that he had a chance to play on Liszt’s Chickering piano, describing the occasion in the following manner: “The only word that came to mind: surreal!”

You can read the whole newsletter by clicking on the link below:

The American Liszt Society has added the logo of the Liszt Museum to their website, making it a direct link to our English language home page.


We will soon make the American Liszt Society’s home page available on the Museum’s website.