Birthday festival of Liszt

28 July 2011

The participants of the three day long festival are mainly artists whose presence is important to the Academy of Music and the Liszt Museum, meaning: they had a concert in the museum and with their free of charge performance they made the museum’s programme unique. The Dezső Ránki-Edit Klukon, Mónika Egri-Attila Pertis couples, Jenő Jandó, Gergely Bogányi and István Lajkó are all supporters of the museum for a long time. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the academical teachers, the festival could come into existence with the aim to celebrate Liszt’s birthday together in his former home. The leading idea of the festival is about to connect the compositions built on the Faust-theme. The presentation of unknown variation from manuscripts mainly kept in Hungary is another feature of the festival.

Detailed programme is available by clicking on the appropiate day:

  • First day (21st October)
  • Second day (22nd October)
  • Third day (23rd Ocotber)

Tickets are available from 10th Septembre 2011 on the spot or ticket bureaus and on-line. Further information regarding the ticket purchase will be available soon. The prices of the tickets are the following: fill price ticket 4000 HUF, pensioner/student ticket: 2000 HUF. As usual, the matinée concerts are accessable with a ticket to the Museum.