Chopin and the Hungarian

24 June 2019

Frédéric Chopin exerted great influence on many Hungarian composers, not only on the famous and for some time Parisian colleague Franz Liszt, but also on such nowadays barely known musicians-composers as Károly Filtsch, Rafael Joseffy, István Heller, László Zimay or Károly Aggházy. In the limelight of their new CD, pianist Tamás Juhász and cembalist Antal Flach dug out music pieces inspired by Chopin’s style (even alluding to his specific works) or dedicated to his memory. At the presentation of the recording on June 17 at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Tamás Juhász played selected pieces, and Antal Flach shared many interesting details based on thorough research (these can be found in the booklet of the CD).

In the conversation preceding the concert – moderated by Dr. Zsuzsanna Domokos, director of the Museum – the two artists, both graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, were introduced as actively researching in and presenting less played authors of Hungarian music history; their work has been awarded with a Quality Prize by their native city, Miskolc.
cembalist Antal Flach
pianist Tamás Juhász