Definitive prices at the Museum

8 March 2012

Compared with our bulletin at the beginning of February the prices are different from the ones we use from now on.

At the end of Fenruary the seats in the Chamber Hall were tagged with numbers which makes the seat reservation way more easier, however, this made the introduction of concert tickets necessary which are not to be mixed up with the museum tickets. Nonetheless, the price of both tickets is the same: the full price ticket is 1300 HUF and the reduced price is 600 HUF.

From the concert at 24th March we introduce the seat tickets available for only the concert, not the museum. Those who want to visit the Musum have to purchase a museum ticket.

We also introduce a combined ticket for the concert AND the museum. The full price will be 2000 HUF, the reduced 1000 HUF.

The prices of the season tickets didn't change. The full price of the season ticket for three concert is 3500 HUF, the reduced is 1500 HUF.

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased at the cashier of the Musum.