Liszt busts available in museum shop

26 July 2021

You can buy our new souvenir in the museum's ticket office during opening hours.

The gift bust was made after Antonio Galli’s work dating from 1840 (part of the collection of the museum, marked Pl 021). We wanted to create a sculpture both representing Liszt and recalling an object of our permanent exhibition. The original bust is 15.75 inches high; we had to downsize it to about 4.72 inches, so copying Galli’s work with traditional procedures was not an option. Instead, we called for modern technology: two professors at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Ágnes Előd and István Labancz prepared a virtual 3D model. This was then printed at University of Art and Design Budapest with a 3D printer by Zsolt Ormándlaky and his colleagues. This prototype turned out to be perfect for duplication. We commissioned a Hungarian sculptor, Levente Leitner to make 250 copies. He used eco-friendly, high-solidity acrylate that is crash-proof and stable, but appropriate for homogenous white surfaces. The busts’ base has the logo of the Academy of Music, making them our own official gifts available at the shop.