New Exhibition Opens: Wagner and his Hungarian Friends

17 May 2013

We cordially invite our visitors to attend the opening ceremony of our new temporary exhibition.

Wagner and his Hungarian Friends

May 17. 2013  4 PM at the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall.


Opening speech by Dr. ANDRÁS BATTA, Rector of the Academy of Music



Wagner-Liszt: Festspiel und Brautlied aus Lohengrin

performed by Yohei Wakioka (piano)

Liszt: J'ai perdu ma force et mavie (Alfred de Musset)

Wagner: Wesendonck-songs No. 5, No.3

Träume, Im Treibhaus

performed by Lóránt Najbauer (song) and Ferenc János Szabó (piano)

Wagner-Liszt: Isoldens Liebestod aus Tristan und Isolde

performed by Yohei Wakioka (piano)