5 July 2022

At the music auction held at the Ádám Bősze Music Antiquarian on 17 June 2022, the Liszt Museum Foundation purchased significant items. Among other things, an autograph letter from Franz Liszt and the Exhibition Album of Hungarian Composers published in 1885, containing the first edition of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 18.

The items purchased at the auction:

- Franz Liszt: Autograph letter to Mihály Mosonyi

- Exhibition Album of Hungarian Composers

- Géza Zichy: Autograph postcard for Károly Aggházy

- Károly Aggházy: Autograph letter

- József Kádas: In commemoration of the half-century of Ferencz Liszt's first concert

- Károly Aggházy – diploma

The purchase of the new items was made possible by the generous donation of pianist Tibor Szász and the late Péter Horváth. Professor Péter Horváth was the founder of the Stuttgart-based Horváth & Partners Group, a patron of the transmission and promotion of Hungarian culture in Germany, recipient of the Pro Cultura Hungarica Award and the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, the founder of the Péter Horváth Literary Scholarship and an honorary doctorate of several universities. The Liszt Museum remembers its patron with a grateful heart.