New purchase

31 January 2013

The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum has recently purchased a valuable album which contains two original letters in French written by Liszt. The addressee of these letters is the countess Irma Csáky, the wife of Jenő Semsey. Since 1870, Liszt visited Budapest frequently and he gave there several concerts as well. He met the countess Irma Csáky at one of these concerts and they performed a charitable concert together for the benefit of a Hungarian women association (Magyar Gazdasszonyok Egylete) on the 21st March 1873 in the small hall of Vigadó. The countess performed songs by Schubert, Schumann and Imre Széchenyi. The memory album of countess Irma Csáky includes contemporary German and Hungarian newspaper articles beside the two letters of Liszt and many other interesting documents, poems, drawings, remarks from the members of the Hungarian aristocracy.