New purchases

5 October 2020

The generous donation of pianist Tibor Szász made it possible for the Liszt Museum Foundation to buy a visiting card with photo and signature of Liszt, created in the Viennese studio of Fritz Luckhardt, 1871. Tibor Szász took his doctorate at the University of Michigan; having held positions at three universities in the USA, he finally became professor of the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg between 1993 and 2018. He published extensively on the music of Liszt, Mozart and Beethoven: his study of the Sonata in B minor – considered as a great achievement in Liszt scholarship and translated to several languages – came out in the Journal of the American Liszt Society, and his article about Beethoven and the basso continuo practice can be found in the Cambridge Studies in Performance Practice series. Tibor Szász is giving a concert at the Liszt Museum next year.

Besides the high-value signed photo of Liszt, the Foundation purchased two other visiting cards from the 1860s at the same HT auction: one represents Lajos Haynald, cardinal of Kalocsa (by Ágoston Bülch, Pest), while the other shows János Danielik, canon of Eger, privy councillor of the Pope (by J. Ruwner, Vienna) – both of them belonged to the circle of Liszt’s important Hungarian friends.