Preliminary Programme of the Conference “Liszt and the Arts”

19 July 2011

Preliminary Programme of the Conference Liszt and the Arts”

(Budapest, November 18th - 20th 2011)

organized by the

Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre of the Liszt Academy of Music

(Liszt Ferenc University of Music)


Thursday 17th November – pre-Conference programme

14.00 – 17.00 Institute for Musicology, Bartók Hall

Open session of the working group of the international UNESCO project “Liszt's concerts in European countries”. Report on current progress of the project.

17.00 -19.00 Registration for the conference

An opportunity to view the exhibition “Liszt and the Arts” in the Museum of Music History, which will extend its opening time until 19.00

19.00 Bartók Hall

Piano recital by Valerie Tryon (Canada) on Bartók's Bösendorfer piano. Works by Liszt, Dohnányi and Bartók (public concert)

After the concert welcome drinks in the Haydn Hall


Friday 18th November – first day of the Conference

Venues of the opening and plenary sessions: Institute for Musicology, Bartók Hall; venues of the sectional sessions: A - Bartók Hall, B - Kodály Hall.

We estimate that papers read at the plenary sessions will last 30 minutes, and those read at the sectional sessions 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion.

8.30 Registration for the conference

9.00 Opening of the conference. Speeches of welcome

9.30 Plenary session, 3 papers

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Two sectional sessions, each of 3 papers

12.45 Lunch

14.30 Plenary session, 2 papers

15.30 Coffee

16.00 Two sectional sessions, each of 4 papers

17.50 buffet supper in the Haydn Hall

19.30 Concert in the Matthias Church, works by Liszt



Saturday 19th November – second day of the Conference

Venues: morning in the Old Music Academy, afternoon in the Institute for Musicology

9.00 A bus will take participants from the conference hotel to the Old Music Academy, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

9.30 An opportunity to view the permanent exhibition of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum with demonstrations of the instruments (guided by Zsuzsanna Domokos and Mária Eckhardt )

10.15 An opportunity to view the Liszt Museum's exhibition “Liszt and Budapest” (guided by Zsuzsanna Domokos)

11.00 Matinée concert at the museum: works by Liszt for women's choir and harp

11.15 Transfer by bus to the new building of the Liszt Academy of Music at 52 Wesselényi street. A guided tour of the building with lunch. Return by bus, via a short sightseeing tour of the city, to the Institute for Musicology.

15.00 Plenary session, 2 papers

16.00 Coffee

16.20 Two sectional sessions, each of 4 papers

18.00 Buffet supper in the Haydn Hall

19.00 Presentation of the exhibition “Liszt and the Arts”. During the presentation a short recital on the Erard piano restored for the exhibition and a short film presentation by Ophra Yerusalmi


Sunday 20th November – third day of the Conference

9.30 Plenary session, 2 papers

10.30 Two sectional sessions, each of 3 papers

11.45 Coffee

12.10 Two sectional sessions, each of 2 papers

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Plenary session, 2 papers

16.00 Coffee

16.20 Two concurrent sessions, each of 2 papers

17.10 Plenary session: final paper and closing speech


Final supper available (at one's own expense) at a restaurant, for those who wish to go


Detailed programme and list of participants

See the special lists below


Conference venues:

Institute for Musicology, H-1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály u. 7

(Bartók Hall, Kodály Hall, Haydn Hall, Museum of Music History

Old Music Academy, H-1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 35

(Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Liszt Ferenc Chamber Hall)


Conference hotel:

Hotel Budapest (1026 Budapest II, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 47)

Conference hotel price: single room 50 EUR/night, double room: 60 EUR/night.

Visitors who wish to reserve a hotel room for this special conference price, should do it through the Conference Organization Office in the Institute for Musicology. For conference lecturers, hotel rooms will be offered and reserved automatically for 4 nights; only special wishes have to be announced at the Conference Organization Office.


Registration, fees:

Visiting all conference sessions is free. Participation at special programmes such as concerts, exhibitions and receptions is possible for a registration fee of 50 Euros. You should announce your intention in forward at the Conference Organisation Office, but the fee is to be paid only on the spot at the registration. For conference lectures, no fee is to be paid.



liszt2011 [at] zti [dot] hu (Conference Organisation Office)

eckhardt [dot] maria [at] lisztakademia [dot] hu (professional matters only)