The Chateau d’Amour Game

22 January 2021

In the game, you have to go through the rooms of an imaginary magic castle. To move on, find the hidden questions among the various moving objects and creatures. The game can be accessed through the following link:



After opening the link, click on the castle, make the knight go into the castle with the cursor, then the rules of the game will appear.


The game was originally made for one of our temporary exhibitions ("From Don Sanche to the Via Crucis"), which opened in 2015 with international cooperation. The museum's staff at the time and programmer Márton Török also helped in the creation of the game. The exhibition featured Liszt’s vocal works, including Don Sanche ou le château d’amour [Don Sanche or the castle of love], Liszt’s only opera, composed at the age of 13-14. The educational game got its name from the title of this opera, but not its plot; however, in the magic castle, players can find a number of hidden jokes about Liszt (e.g., works of art that inspired Liszt in the treasury, contemporary composers to Liszt in the throne room).


A technical revision of the game has become necessary due to our new website. We are grateful for their support of the Péter Hováth Foundation, whose financial help through the Liszt Museum Foundation made it possible possible for this game to work again after a long break.


Programming: Tamás Kincses

IT background: Zoltán Kotschy, Miklós Török

Graphics: Anna Peternák

Quiz questions written by: Lili Békéssy, Dániel Mona

English translation: Avar Katalin